Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Cheese and crackers!
How long is too long?

3eedkum embarak ya jma3 el 5ayr;*~
Believe me when i say; i missed you guys! I haven't had a lot of time on my hands lately as you can see ...

Anyways.. shloun 3eedkum?
I'm not a big fan of 3eid:/ and this yr .. lets just say their has been better 3eid's

Oh! I've been currently reading twilight ! I'm in love with it! ;p
Me and nooonz started together she apparently finished way before me .. I'm a slow reader:/ :$
Bes i kinda dnt wanna finish it .. 7ade I'm excited for the movie! uugghh .. i think ebyu6la3 in Dec. or something, near my bday =D

I got a blackberry a few days ago, im luvingg it!
no more e71, gunna miss it:( ;*

Did i mention that i cut my hair =o .. its officially short!
Dnt ask if i like it or not, i haven't decided yet:p...

Ems madre ely gublah shft movie with mama and my 2 sisters esmah: An American Crime!
E3awrrrrrrr el guuuuuuuuuuuuuuulb!
Noonie;ba36echyah, you gotta c it babe!
o ilyoum i saw baby mama.. it was alright ;p it's a good family movie

3ndy a number of this guy, eyeikum layh il bayt within like nu9 sa3a o eyeb like kil his collection of movies o you choose o il movie il wa7d eb nu9 dinar! amazing offer! and yes its clear o kilshay ...
3ndah episodes too;) ... itha tabon ill give you his number, 7abaytah wallah:p

Thats enough garga for one post...
i'll cya when i cya;)

14 Scribbles:

eshda3wa said...

3eeedich imbarak!

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

n3eeeman for new haircut
sure share me the #

Anonymous said...

a5eeeeeeeeeeran ma ba'3aitai itbayneen...welcome back;P

Sh7afana said...

3a6eeeeni his number please!

3anooda said...

3eedich imbarak oo na3eeman - ana ba3ad ga9ait sha3ri

madri whats the fuss about twilight!!!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

wooow its about time dude

i wanna borrow that movie too wen noonie finishes

MeeMzZ said...

ayamich sa3eedah!!;p

mabrook for the hair and the new blackberry phone!!;p

YAHH me tooo i can't wait for the movie and 3anooda read it and u'll know what the fuss is about!!;p

ee about this dvd guy i heard about him and have his number too!!;p my couzin gave it to me!!;p

desertpalms said...

na3eeman..ow ayamich sa3eeda!

ive seen that film too...its soooooo goodd..its based on real life events =|

PaLoMiNo said...

min 6awal il ghybaat jab il ghnayim ;p

mabrook 3al blackberry ;)

na3eeeeeeeeeeman 3al hair cut!!
a7la short ;D u like it mo kaifich ;p

the guy ele 3inda aflaam is he cute? if yes 3a6eena ramaa if no ma nabeeh ;p
lalalalaaa jk wallaa hehehehe

3eedich embarak 7abebti ;*

q8Honey said...

Twilight ..I totally agree .. waiting for the movie too. Baby mama .. aaaahhh not that good ;p kinda boring actually .. I want the number of the guy :p pweeeez ;$

Anonymous said...

3edch embarak w mabrok 3al blackberry :P

a dvd for 1/2 KWD!! amazing offer.

Hoodii said...

3edich imbarak n i like how u always post good posts even though u dont post alot of shiit :P

Big Pearls said...

na3eman 3al hair cut and have a great eid:)

Ghadoor said...

ana 7adi fathya so dawart el movie eli gelti 3ana o ga3da anzla al7in .. ana me3tazla el DVDs men zeman .. gazra 3la el torrents :p