Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby you can have your way, just as long as i got you

First of all, adre ina il title mala shi'3l bs u guys know how i hate titles=p
il sha6ir egooli this song lyric mn ay song ?=p

U probably have been thinking shloon one day she was reading New Moon, and now Eclipse?
mm well i finshed New Moon in two days..=O
I unfortuntley had to borrow it..i couldnt stand the waiting for jarir and virgin!=O i hate borowwing..i like it to be my own!=p bs i had to
mm i just started on Eclipse, i'd like to take this one slow..=p i heard its the best one out of all four,,i think makoo 3alla the first book, twilight, cos its just the beginning w its new w chthe =p eheh..but new moon was good, i heard ina its boring, bs i liked it, w wanted to read till the end, far eclipse is goin good.
Today i heard ina The Host- also by Stephenie Meyer was amaziiingg..3alla golat my friend,, bs its amazing how il athwaa8 differ ! bs i will give it a try!=) mm bs i wanted to update u..for the ppl who are interested
Desertpalms ? am i boring u ?=$ am sorry babe =*
***am just kidding walla desert palms babe =*
w thats it =)


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desertpalms said...

noooooooooo! =$ =$ i didnt say made that up all on your own!!! i AM interested , i even went out to buy twilight the other day (bas havnt got round to start reading itt) =( noooniee youre meaniee =p

Charmbracelet said...

aaawww =**
am just kidding babe walla..i know...=**
start reading...ill be an addiction!

Charmbracelet said...


MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOL...i hate borowwing books too!!;p

ow second of all!! the song is anything by jojo i think!!;p

Charmbracelet said...

meemz; 9aaa7 =)

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i hate borrowing too;p

the title is the jojo song, forgot the name;p

Aurous said...

there is so much fuss about these books.. they must be really really really good :)

I think I'll get them when I get the chance ^_^

I hate borrowing books too... I feel better when I have all the books I've read in my book case ;p

q8Honey said...

9ibagteeeny ;p ana i stopped reading new moon iff mako time ;s

SKITTLES said...

i just finished it yesterday. `jacob kisar 5aaaa6riii :$

SKITTLES said...

OMG! i just realized that wut you meant! u finished new moon not eclipse :$
thank god i didnt include any spoilers!

A Journal Entry said...

min kithir ma i read reviews 3ala twilight i think i'm gonna give it a try..

Charmbracelet said...

hq; 9aaa7 =p

aurous; yes do that =)

q8honey; wee, try !=p eheh..i make time for the book !

skittles; e wallaa ashwaaa !=O

journal E; yes !=D


PaLoMiNo said...

goleeleee ay song hathy?? :D

i hate borrowing books too!