Wednesday, October 15, 2008


You know what annoys me more than anything ??!?
Ppl etifalsiffooon w think theyre all that !!! =O when theyr NOT


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Balqees said...

I KNOW!!!!

these kind of ppl i think have no life so they go on and on 3la balhom they have a life :S

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

I know !!

desertpalms said...

yummmaaa...who pissed you off? just lemme know and il deal with em =P

Anonymous said...

yama bitshofen nas ytfalsfoon w ysoon ro7hom fahmeen eb kil shay!!
allah y3een.

Music, Happiness, Love said...

ooofff!!! sooo true!

sadly i have to deal with that kind of person every single day ;/

MeeMzZ said...

EEEEEEEEE 7ADAHHH!!;P i9eer feeich please stop talking! PLEASE stop talking! please stop talkiiiing!! can't here u anymore BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS 5ALAAAAA9!!;P

LOOOOL wallah two things i hate in a person thiqa bas thiqa not the joking thiqa the real thiqa binafas and tifilsif!!;p

A Journal Entry said...

ee wallah =/

PaLoMiNo said...


malaat 3alyhom ;p

shoosha said...

wai3 wai3 wai3... i hate them! oo il moshkila il tefelsef illy yetfalsefoona!

Charmbracelet said...

balqees: truee!

p-ella: =|

Dp: lol mithil ma hq galat,, I'm around ppl chthe everyday, w i9ara7 hne in Kuwait its bzyada!=O the all that part !

zon: its annoying, I can't help the looks I give, bs bdon 8a9d!!=O =p lol

hq: haha mee too!=O theyre evrywhere

meemz: truee!!! Loool

je: =\

Polo: ={ =p

Shoosha: =| eee!!

Ghadoor said...

so we have something in common ;p

Meticulous said...

laish kelman em3a9b these days ?!
ana agooooooooool

BeBe said...

tell me about it !
n from my experience with ppl
i noticed ppl who brag about their stuff n pretend their all that are the ones who aren't !

Squirreliya said...

t3esheen w tshofeen w 3ala golat meticulous "BE HAPPY" :P

SKITTLES said...


The Criticizer said...

Want me to kill someone for you?

Big Pearls said...

Totally with you..

Seattle dude said...

ee walla mal smack on their face!