Monday, October 27, 2008

Too Much Sad

Im sorry i havent been posting lately, its only because im sick! =(
So if u excuse me 7babybee..inshalla i wont be long
Wannasa today fe storm !=p hehe

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


What if your in hell, and your mad at someone, where would you tell them to go ?



Monday, October 20, 2008


Likuwait habba ?


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing in this world compares to this

3al Sree3 =p
1-i saw my sassy girl !
omg...i turned it off halfway through ! it was very boring..soo typical w wai3! =O =P

2- i loove A&W cream soda !

4- Have You ever eaten a crayon??

Friday, October 17, 2008


I got this mn skittles! =p
even though she still didnt say yes i can take it mn her blog, bs 3jeeb !=p i think its a

Can you multiply big numbers in your head?

Have you ever gotten a zero on a test?
Maybe F on a quiz, bs mu zero !=p

What's better? Egg salad, tuna salad, or chicken salad?
all of em! =p

Were you a good kid or did you drive your parents crazy?
a good girl!(a)

What is your weirdest turn on?

If you have kids do you want them to have common names or names you don't hear very often?
i dont like common common!=p

Would you ever go on a blind date?

Whats better? Adding, subtraction, multiplying, or division?

Do you have bangs?

Is it hard to please you?
mm a little

If you hear a certain person’s name does it make you emotional?

Vampires or werewolves?
VAMPIRES! ughhh EDWARD !! =p

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
Not really.. i feel happy

Do you cry if you see someone you love crying?
i feel very sad, i dont like it at all

Why is it that blue is considered a boy color? and why is it that pink is considered a girl color?
madre, Cos pink is so pink! =p lol..very feminine? =p

Do you believe that parents really love all of their children the same? Or do you think they pick favorites?
yea favorites i guess

Do you laugh when you see Chinese people?
lool laish ? no

Do you say you hate your life when you actually don't?
No ! when i say it i mean it !

Are your nails always painted?

Is it important to you if your friends like the person your dating?
a little yes 3ashan they dont bug me when i talk abt him ! with their comments

Do you love the show "The Office"?
No, walla mara shifta

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas are dating. Isn't that strange?
E, ma elog ! =p

Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?
yea sure

Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

Elton John, thumbs up or thumbs down?
down ( i dont know him, i think ?!) lol

If you were gay/lesbian would your parents accept it?
haha ! no

Which is better? The whole band System Of A Down? or Serj Tankian solo?
madre mnu hathol

Have you seen Sweeny Todd?
i heard its 5ayis =p

Do you think afro's on white guys are cool?

Who is your favorite character on That 70's Show?

Is there someone that you could spend every single day with and never get sick of?
yuup !

Are you good at dealing with things alone?

Is your hair past your shoulders?

Are you a pimp or the hoe?
Hoe ! =p

Is your hair healthy?

Are you a rough or gentle person?
Very gentle

If the one you love hurt you, would you let your pain show or act like you don't care at all?
mm i cant hide i, ebayin!

Why are skinny jeans just now so popular?
madre walla laish

Have you ever actually thought that you were going to die?
no, bs i think abt it..does that count ?

Do you think the future will be good or bad?
madre inshalla good !

* Tboon u guys do it go ahead! =p sawoo intaw b3d 3ashan mu bs anna abtilish !
5ayfa skittles t3a9ib 3alay! lol

ihda22 likm ! =p
Ajjeeba !=p i looove it

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


You know what annoys me more than anything ??!?
Ppl etifalsiffooon w think theyre all that !!! =O when theyr NOT


Monday, October 13, 2008

Quote and Fact

If slavery is not wrong, then nothing is wrong
-Abraham lincoln

i looove the quote!

Ur taller 1 cm in the morning than u are in the afternoon


Friday, October 10, 2008

Your the Closest Thing to Real I See

A Girly Post..

*i cant put pictures cos this laptop 9ayr more than malee8!!=O

*For my hair i use Herbal Essences and sometimes Seba Med, i like to change though from time to time

*For my face i use Biore Scrub w Nose Strips, theyre very goood..lama i use it, it makes me feel good=) i recomend it to ily doesnt know it
w Clean and Clear Cleansing Lotion..loona orange

* The lotion i like to use is Jergens! =p they have amazing scents

* i buy hand cream mn loccotain..< madre if thats the spelling, bs ily jdam baroue in aveneus..=p w they have the best stuff their other than hand cream ! like soap ! =p

*as for make up i like to use products by Benefit, i dont put that much make up though

What are your favorites???

sorry abt no pictures! i really wanted to=(


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I'm stuck between desire and compromise.


Baby you can have your way, just as long as i got you

First of all, adre ina il title mala shi'3l bs u guys know how i hate titles=p
il sha6ir egooli this song lyric mn ay song ?=p

U probably have been thinking shloon one day she was reading New Moon, and now Eclipse?
mm well i finshed New Moon in two days..=O
I unfortuntley had to borrow it..i couldnt stand the waiting for jarir and virgin!=O i hate borowwing..i like it to be my own!=p bs i had to
mm i just started on Eclipse, i'd like to take this one slow..=p i heard its the best one out of all four,,i think makoo 3alla the first book, twilight, cos its just the beginning w its new w chthe =p eheh..but new moon was good, i heard ina its boring, bs i liked it, w wanted to read till the end, far eclipse is goin good.
Today i heard ina The Host- also by Stephenie Meyer was amaziiingg..3alla golat my friend,, bs its amazing how il athwaa8 differ ! bs i will give it a try!=) mm bs i wanted to update u..for the ppl who are interested
Desertpalms ? am i boring u ?=$ am sorry babe =*
***am just kidding walla desert palms babe =*
w thats it =)


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Quote and Fact

If you love somebody, they shouldn't make you cry, they should be worth crying over.

The most popular first name in the world is Muhammad!

On another note
i stopped reading eat pray love..i cannot continue with a book i dont find intersting..its boring mee to much..shawigatne 3alaaa italy though i wanna go someday =)
W while i wait for new moon..w eclipse,,please recommend books to me =)
its hard for me to pick books when i go to the bookstore


Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Cheese and crackers!
How long is too long?

3eedkum embarak ya jma3 el 5ayr;*~
Believe me when i say; i missed you guys! I haven't had a lot of time on my hands lately as you can see ...

Anyways.. shloun 3eedkum?
I'm not a big fan of 3eid:/ and this yr .. lets just say their has been better 3eid's

Oh! I've been currently reading twilight ! I'm in love with it! ;p
Me and nooonz started together she apparently finished way before me .. I'm a slow reader:/ :$
Bes i kinda dnt wanna finish it .. 7ade I'm excited for the movie! uugghh .. i think ebyu6la3 in Dec. or something, near my bday =D

I got a blackberry a few days ago, im luvingg it!
no more e71, gunna miss it:( ;*

Did i mention that i cut my hair =o .. its officially short!
Dnt ask if i like it or not, i haven't decided yet:p...

Ems madre ely gublah shft movie with mama and my 2 sisters esmah: An American Crime!
E3awrrrrrrr el guuuuuuuuuuuuuuulb!
Noonie;ba36echyah, you gotta c it babe!
o ilyoum i saw baby mama.. it was alright ;p it's a good family movie

3ndy a number of this guy, eyeikum layh il bayt within like nu9 sa3a o eyeb like kil his collection of movies o you choose o il movie il wa7d eb nu9 dinar! amazing offer! and yes its clear o kilshay ...
3ndah episodes too;) ... itha tabon ill give you his number, 7abaytah wallah:p

Thats enough garga for one post...
i'll cya when i cya;)