Friday, October 10, 2008

Your the Closest Thing to Real I See

A Girly Post..

*i cant put pictures cos this laptop 9ayr more than malee8!!=O

*For my hair i use Herbal Essences and sometimes Seba Med, i like to change though from time to time

*For my face i use Biore Scrub w Nose Strips, theyre very goood..lama i use it, it makes me feel good=) i recomend it to ily doesnt know it
w Clean and Clear Cleansing Lotion..loona orange

* The lotion i like to use is Jergens! =p they have amazing scents

* i buy hand cream mn loccotain..< madre if thats the spelling, bs ily jdam baroue in aveneus..=p w they have the best stuff their other than hand cream ! like soap ! =p

*as for make up i like to use products by Benefit, i dont put that much make up though

What are your favorites???

sorry abt no pictures! i really wanted to=(


15 Scribbles:

Big Pearls said...

For my hair: Kerastase

For my face & creams: Origins

Make up: Mac


Sham3at Al Jillas said...

For my hair: I like Victoria's Secret's Amber Romance

For my Face: My entire regime consists of Clarins products

The lotion I like: Body Butter by Bliss

Hand cream: Bliss Hand Cream

Most of my make-up: Armani make-up

MeeMzZ said...

woooow ur really good in these stuff!!;p ana a7ib Herbal Essences but i don't use anything else!!;p

Anonymous said...

i use nisim hair biofacotor for shampoo lux body wash...vatika oil instead of i love everything ya3ni lama a7i6 i take whats there ma3ana ma7a6 wayed:P

A Journal Entry said...

my fav face wash is by kanebo..

as a body cream i use two:
-dove with the green one.. it smells great but it's not that moisturizing so u need to reapply every now and then.
- body butter form the bodyshop

i use herbal essence for my hair (try the one they sell fee marzak il sul6an.. MUCH better)

Charmbracelet said...

Ee I know je ily at sul6an 7lween, they have matching conditioner =p with the Q on the shampoo and the answer on the conditioner=p haha

Seattle dude said...

i user shampoo azrag
ow shower gel a7mar

..... :P

Balqees said...

hair: also herbal
love the smell

cream: almond butter from the body shop

make up: anything pretty and shiny and sparkly lol
no makep i use wtever is good

desertpalms said...

Hair: herbal essences, john frieda

Cream: bodyshops body butter...strawberryy one mmmm smells so good

Makeup: benefit, bourjois, maxfactor, YSL, Mac, Bobby Brown

Anonymous said...

mmm not my topic ;p

iSha said...

yeeeey fii wayed things in common!! benefit is my best brand for makeup.. grenjis kent wayed a7ip el cream eli after waxing bes galouli enna el brand mu zaina oo itsammir ;s o0 herbal essences i used to use it bes teggata3 my hair oo i'm using loreal "volume" instead or sometimes shampo loona green min J.F lazartique! o0 victoria's secret oo lush are my fav 7eg lotions oo shower stuff o0 be3ed fi ma7l bel 3awathi foug esma glamour 7adda fi ashya2 etwaniis!! i liked the hand scrub eli bel louz scent min solar products ;p o0 be3ed el creams malout vaseline wayed 7apait'hum especially the one eli 7ag hand & nails.. i use gurlain stuff 7ag morning oo night creams o0 make up remover oo face wash o0 i use also clinic 3 steps.. a7ip be3ed lux sometimes!!

that's it ;pp

Someday said...

Jergens is the best!!!
I use l'oreal for my hair
I use vasline for my face! yes it works like magic!;)

shoosha said...

tawni bidait a7eb benefit

J o u j a™ said...

i love Jergens
but sometimes b3d i use the nevia the rich one ,
makeup : mako shi mu3yan
hair : inecto mn boots 3la coconut m3a conditioner it smells good b3d

Anonymous said...

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