Monday, October 20, 2008


Likuwait habba ?


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Anonymous said...


A Journal Entry said...

heheh .. laish shino illy khallach tgooleen chithy?!

Charmbracelet said...

anon; =| =p

JE; mm well kil ma wa7da sharat shay wela lbisat shay..the next daay..killlllhoom labseen nafsa..! =O
am i wrong?


Um Mit3ib said...

coz were cool;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool @ um mit3ib
i guess ppl that follow other ppls styles and ideas are fake and dont have a life?

Meticulous said...

tara martha 3el leq8 !!

Charmbracelet said...

um-mit3ib; i dont see how that makes u cool ! =p

hq; ee..!

meta; e 7ta ana ma ar'6a, lol bs ma glt shay '3ala6


Peony said...

because there isn't much to do here, so we might as well inhib ib shay ;p

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

l2nhom typical kuwaiti how simple is that:P shkly r7 an6ag!

Charmbracelet said...

peony: hmm..

P-ella: looool ybteha 9a7!=O ym3awda anna b3d ban6g!=O
I should do a post abt what typical kuwaties are a5aff!=O lool shrayich intay itsaweena?=p LOL

Sham3at Al Jillas said...

If you find an answer to that, please let me in on this secret.

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

hahahaha im kuwaiti too but mixed so I do have some dilike about typical kuwaitis maybe even more bs I dont think i could post cuz 9j ymken bacher akoon maytaaa:P

Ghadoor said...

ee welcome to "derat el bo habba" :p

walla ana ashofha laha 3edat asbab :p

fe nas e7ebon ejarboon kel shay

fe nas e7ebon el fanateg

fe nas ma 3endhm sheghel .. so "m3a el 5ail ya shagra"

fe nas yqaldon bs 3shan la y9eron "3ax el nas" .. ya3ni shay enteshar 7ail .. so e7eson ena lazem esawona

fe nas "shofaw tra 7ta ana 3endi"

Charmbracelet said...

Shm3t il jilas: LOL I will

pella:lool I'm half too =p

Ghadoor: truuee!


Seattle dude said...

cuz, change is the spice of life

PaLoMiNo said...

Bcoz we are fatheeen ;p

3afia what do we do here ghair shaleeeh o zwraa? 7ata 6al3aat as in m6a3im o cinena we r unable to enjoy coz of il ashkaal il ghareeba ile madry min wayn yaayeen ;X

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

shnsawee enas e7aboon ejarboon elly sheno '3airhom em jarab @@ really wow >> getting more curiosty<< whats ur other half noonz?

Charmbracelet said...

seattle; lol bs mu change chthe !=p

polo; bs its nice to have something not everyone labis =p

p-ella; am not spanish ! =p i took spanish 1 class for school two years ago but then dropped half american =p


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

oh then hey americana ;):P

Charmbracelet said...

Haha=* hey=)

Zabo0o6a said...

Yeah normal !
wel arda lama tshoofenhum
yt6anzoon 3al shay o bacher msawena bel'6ab6 !

Big Pearls said...

la2enna nas'ha ye7ebon chetheeh!

Big Pearls said...

la2enna kuwaitis are habba ppl!

K.D said...

i don't know!

i honestly don't :-/

so.. how ya doin?! :D

SKITTLES said...

coz its full with shallow shallow ppl?

BeBe said...

i dont know tell me plz :(

S E 7 E N said...

cause ppl don't know how to do there on style

girls ( do/wear/put make up/bags/shoes ) what ever they watch on tv or read in magazines and copy celabraties

guys 3ad hathoola il kilish ma i9adgoon khabar min ishoffon shay bil sharii3 min athnain 6aroooow sharoow mithla ..... ya3ni plzzz wats up with POLO SHIRTS and G55 ?????

polo released 8 flags .... bil kuwait i saw 100 alaf flag ???