Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nothing in this world compares to this

3al Sree3 =p
1-i saw my sassy girl !
omg...i turned it off halfway through ! it was very boring..soo typical w wai3! =O =P

2- i loove A&W cream soda !

4- Have You ever eaten a crayon??

16 Scribbles:

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool the question is so random;p

A Journal Entry said...

i've eaten sand when i was a kid.. bs never a crayon!

Ghadoor said...

leeeeeeeesh .. sassy girl 7lo
bechait 3al 5afeef a9lan ;\

o i've eaten crayon bs i was a kid o it was wai3 :p

Anonymous said...

Crayon ;- :? ;/ it smells weeee3, did u eat one?

Meticulous said...

is there a reason i would want to eat a crayon ? :S

Squirreliya said...

weyyy ..ay loon makla?? :p

zwena said...

also'al did u o mesta7ya etgolen :P

desertpalms said...

1-havnt seen it so i have no ideaa

2- yes...=$ LOOOOOOOOL not all of it, jus a lil nibble. it was RED

Charmbracelet said...

To kilikoom...No wela mara i had a crayon to eat.!!=p
bs soo2al random!=p
although crayons look delicious,,dont you think?

meta; no there is no reason to eat bs mako reason to not eat it =p hahha mu ?

dessertpalms; tn97eeni y3ne ajarib wa7id ? w ay lon a7san..wde red ana b3d =p haha

amu; i looove the smell of it ..=p

and i loove the smell of pencil colors too

SKITTLES said...

oh crayons! yeah all the time ;D

desertpalms said...

well depends on your taste buds...for a lil sour taste..go for yellow...for spicy, best choice is orange...youve got blue, which is a lil bitter and then pink which is sweet.

id say yeah red...its a good mixture of them all =P

The Criticizer said...

Crayon 3ad?! Tastes like colors doesn't it? :P

Oreo Madness said...

i didn't like my sassy girl too, bs '3a9abt nafsy akamlu to see the ending.
the girl was really annoying. i just wanted to slap her!!

Big Pearls said...

I downloaded my sassy girl bas lail7en ma sheftah!

Charmbracelet said...

skittles; im gna try it !!=p

desert plams; =*** loool
red it is !=p

mac; what do colors taste like !?=O =p haha

oreo ; ashwaaa ! mu bs anna =p

BP; tell me what u think abt it !=p


Hoodii said... i think i did when i was little ;p