Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help =(

My iPod Touch has two cracks on the screen ! =( Its too painful to look at..

Do you guys know where i can get it fixed???!

Digits in Marina said they dont fix it..

i want details and numbers please

Thank you


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Lived To Be The Very Best

I'm back with more movie reviews =) Public Enemies- I REALLY love Johnny Depp Movies !! I thought this movie was great and the story in all is really interesting. The confidence Johnny Depp had throughout the movie was Hot! He did a good job ! A-

The Hangover- Two Thumbs Up! Funny, Funny, funny ??! Dont know what else to say. A+
Life Or Something Like It- This movie wasnt bad to say the least. I don't normally like Angelina Jolie movies, cos i dont like her. But this was alright. It's basically about a tv reporter who finds out from a homeless 'prophet' on the street, that she will die next thursday. I'll Give it a C

Someone Like You- i just finished watching this movie, and i'm still smiling. It's a 2002 movie. I can't believe i havent heard or watched this movie a long time ago ! It's a cute, silly, funny, romantic movie ! i enjoyed it. I do very much recommend it to those who haven't watched it =) A++

PS- Are my movie reviews dull? i mean do i give you enough information? Do u need more details or less? Please let me know

PSS- Lately i've been getting these chinese freaky comments! its pissing me off and i keep rejecting em! i dont understand chinese!!! i hope u can understand this u chinese person ! stop commenting ! wai3..Its like ads and i a bunch of crap! i mean its too much !

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Now Everytime I See You I Pretend I'm Fine

I was abroad!

i'm gonna hint u guys on some things about the country i was at and i wanna see if you guys will know where i was..its not very hard! this does NOT apply to all of the citizens in that country! bs il a'3labiyaa! ok? cos i have come across nice people there bs trst me there not wayid =(

* na9abeen!

* il Kalak w il chthb ib damhom

* Ree7athom tyeeb il ma7ii =O

* Shkthr il 6arareen !

* W li9bay lama yabi he gets a girls attention aw y3nee flirt he says "pssss" chlab wela g6awa wana madree =O =P

Over all the trip wasnt bad bs the people there yb6on il chabd thats all..

the best thing was that i got some sun w 9ayraa dark (H)

-I came across this blogger..Sambousa.wordpress.com..i gotta saay i loveee her!