Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I've Lived To Be The Very Best

I'm back with more movie reviews =) Public Enemies- I REALLY love Johnny Depp Movies !! I thought this movie was great and the story in all is really interesting. The confidence Johnny Depp had throughout the movie was Hot! He did a good job ! A-

The Hangover- Two Thumbs Up! Funny, Funny, funny ??! Dont know what else to say. A+
Life Or Something Like It- This movie wasnt bad to say the least. I don't normally like Angelina Jolie movies, cos i dont like her. But this was alright. It's basically about a tv reporter who finds out from a homeless 'prophet' on the street, that she will die next thursday. I'll Give it a C

Someone Like You- i just finished watching this movie, and i'm still smiling. It's a 2002 movie. I can't believe i havent heard or watched this movie a long time ago ! It's a cute, silly, funny, romantic movie ! i enjoyed it. I do very much recommend it to those who haven't watched it =) A++

PS- Are my movie reviews dull? i mean do i give you enough information? Do u need more details or less? Please let me know

PSS- Lately i've been getting these chinese freaky comments! its pissing me off and i keep rejecting em! i dont understand chinese!!! i hope u can understand this u chinese person ! stop commenting ! wai3..Its like ads and i a bunch of crap! i mean its too much !

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Um Mit3ib said...

someone like u ewaaaaaaannnnessss

A said...

I always wanted to watch Public Enemies I guess after reading your review I'll give it a shot! The hangover is hilarious. Oh cool I'll watch Someone like you now, I already have the movie!! Yay, Thanks love your reviews!

Chaotic pOsha said...

hello there
thanks for the reviews

btw those ads are japanese
my friend has the same problem

maybe u should have codes for your comments

SKITTLES said...

I so wanna watch public enemies!

and someone like you 3jeeeeeeeeb

Azure said...

film angelina jolie thriller wela cheesy? ;p

the story line is interesting bs ehya madry 3anha she doesn't sound good

On-The-Rocks said...

i like your review, but you could elaborate more, for example in johny depp movie, your review was on johny depp and not the movie it self, what was the most thing that attracted you, what was good in this movie, what was bad, what could've been better?

Charmbracelet said...

um mit3iib; i knoww !

A; thank yoouu!

chaotic pOsha; thankss i did ! =) hope it stops !

skittles; intay il 3jeeba=P

azure; la mu thriller..its not cheesy bs 3adii 7ail..i didnt mind watching it=) give it a try, ymkn you like it

on-the-rocks; yea ur right ! i did think about that =) thanks


SKITTLES said...

wallah enich a3jab! ;DD

Anonymous said...

Public enemies was great, especially his confidence and his love for the girl...A+ for that movie!