Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Movies i wanna watch..some of em arnt released yet..w some are bs i still didnt see em

Bedtime stories- Adam Sandler
Release date; dec 25

Hes not that into you- drew barrymore, scarlette johansson
Release date; oct 24

Eagle Eye- Shia Labeouf, Michelle Monaghon
Release date; sept 26

Yes Man- Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel, Terence Stamp
Release date; dec 19

Release date; Dec 12

Sex and the City

Iron man


10 Scribbles:

Ghadoor said...

sex and the city @@
shofeeeeeeeeeeeeh .. eshna6ra !!

iron man ma emda7oli eyaha ;\

3anooda said...

i LOVED sex and the city. u HAVE to watch it

Fashionista said...

i thought jennifer aniston starred in he's not that into you

Sex and the city is amazing

Iron man sux

MeeMzZ said...

Bedtime stories- 7adee abee ashoofah

Hes not that into you- bashoofa

Eagle Eye- i hate shia la whatever!! so no!!

Yes Man- i love jim so yah!!;p

Twilight- YAAAAAAAAY i totally wanna see it cause i'm still reading the book but it's freaking amazing!!;p so yah that's totally on my shopping list but still waiting for it!!;p

Sex and the City-i wanna see it!!;p

Iron man- i saw it and ma an9i7ich!!;p kilish!!

desertpalms said...

SATC..not too bad! it was out a long time agooo though!

PaLoMiNo said...

ashwa ina Bo shakaash madry sheno hal ma9re il maleeq mo weyahom hehehehe

The Criticizer said...

Although I'm a big fan of Mavrell movies I didn't like Iron Man. :/

Charmbracelet said...

ghadoor: inshalla I will..g3da an6ir a dvdrip copy so I can download it..and iron man kilman g3d egoli shay!!=|

3anooda: inshalla I wiill=)

fashionista: yea bs she's not the lead..I will watch sex and the city

meemz: I looooooooove Shia!!!=o

polo: lool no wayyy!=p

Macaholiq: so farr all u guys said it sucked so..i don't think I'll watch it =p


A Journal Entry said...

i can't even remember the last time i saw a movie!

i still didn't see SATC =/

Ghadoor said...

7ayati sex and the city nazel dvdrip men zeman .. dawreeh o etha malegaiteh tell me a6al3a lech