Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tips To burn Fat

To whoever is interested!;)

These are nine tips..i consider some of the tips mu bs to burn theyre very healthy as well !!



GREEN TEA.. coffee bean green tea ice blended!!!


WATER..lots and lots of water!
Experts say it's important to drink lots of water if you're trying to burn fat..Your body can't work effectively if it's dehydrated -- not only will you FEEL like you don't have any energy, but also your body really won't have what it needs to function and burn off fat.


APPLES.. i loveee em green!

-Noonie & Bebe

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Adreanline said...

Apart form the GRAPEFRUIT, thats my every day diet

Music, Happiness, Love said...

im obbbbsesed with water:p

A Journal Entry said...

i only drink 1-2 cups of water a day.. i should increase the amount of water intake =/

Bebe n' Noonie said...

i loove em green 2 ! ;P hehehe


Delicately Realistic said...

Thanks !!!!

J o u j a™ said...

lately im being water addict !
yallah 5al ybyen mf3oola abi ath3af :(

Missy said...

I love green tea ice blended!!! 7elw 9aaaa7? entty awal w7da y3jbha ehny! :D

Balqees said...

water is the BEST tra

is burns fat bgoowah kman

i've started to drink water in the past few months and it works

but it make u pee alot :P

Bebe n' Noonie said...

adrenaline:hello!;) thats good!!

JE: yes u should anna I drink 3 water bottles max

bebe: yup I know babe!:p

dr: np!

Jouja: dnt worry water works miracles sb7an alla

missy: lool ma7ad e3ajba lama they try it!! Bs 3jeb! Kil youm I crave it!:p eheh..

Balqees: lol yea it does !:)


ahmed said...

I dunno why people are obsessed with diet foods. I reduced more than 15 Kilos without doing this. I only play sports and its to keep my relaxed and a way of life. It's really good thing to eat healthy, but that's not enough at all
You must play at least some sports, I'd recommend walking and join a GYM. It's the best damn good thing. I usually play sports specially running , Swimming and GYMing. Try to avoid Soda *Pepsi,therest* , French Fries , Chocolate , Chips. And that's it.
=]Drinking water is good.

Anonymous said...


♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

gr8 tips but iam too thin to follow @@

Anonymous said...

great tips :)

desertpalms said...

apples make me feel sick...=( maybe apple juice..? =D

Um Mit3ib said...

ana shada 7aily bil spicy ;p

MiYaFuSHi said...

ill try :P

Fastidious Babe said...

i knew about all the rest but Cinnamon? really? hmm does that include cinnabon rolls? lol

i love coffee bean! x

aTooNa said...

what if i want to gain fat?

pple telling me im too thin :/

Enchanteurs said...

spicy fooood !! mmmmmmmmm yummyyyyyyy ;p

watchmekissthesky said...

yummy I also love them green!
thanks for the tips =] I'm so scared I might gain weight in ramadhan bas I can't help all the sweets LOL

Sh7afana said...

mashkoora 3al tips ;p

K.D said...

so do you see them burn?!
i mean if i did those stuff..

like actual fire and stuff.. i always hear how people burn fat.. but i can't do it!
i mean i feel it gettin hot.. and sometimes almost a fire.. but never fire!.. help me bebe.. help me noonie

by the way.. where's sam's picture?! :p

Hamitaf La B. said...

tara I heard somewhere ena you should not eat fruits after a heavy meal and it should be on a somewhat empty stomache...

Ms. D said...

GREEN TEA.. coffee bean green tea ice blended!!!

seriously!?! this drink has around 470 aw 500 calories!!!!

ya mama drink plain green tea bala ice blended bala cream frapes!

Charmbraclet said...

ahmed: I agree!!

Amu: np

P-ella: as I said babe these mu bs to burn fat! Very healthy stuff!:p

Zamahrer: hello!;) yes they are !!;)

desertpalms: laish!!very yummy!:p yes apple juice bs fresh!:p mu kdd!:p

um-mit3ib: lol good !

Miyafushi: hello:) yes do that!:p

fast b: lol I think so!:p eheh!!
Me too!!

Atoona: lol..just eat more food! Bs not junk!!:p

watchme: lol I know right!:p

sh7afana: np

Kd: lol ur funny!

hamitaf: good to know !:p thnx..I dnt eat fruits after a Heavy meal anyway!;)

Msd: Hello!:) lol I dnt want to burn fat actually I just posted it for ppl who would like to know;)
3ad these days wayid I'm drinking green tea!:p its yummy tooo!:p


Missy said...

:P we took the Green Tea Ice Blended to Health Watchers and the nutritionist there said it has around 200-250 calories ONLY!

Charmbracelet said...

missy; thats goood !!;p abeee i want it after f6oor immediatly !!=D