Monday, September 1, 2008

A5bar Noonie:p

Bieng with the family...(zwara for example)..i get to hear interesting news!;p

this lady i think shes half syrian has 7 kids..she got pregnant w yabatt 6 more mara wa7da !;o ;o no lie !!! when i heard that..i was in shock !!!! i mean my mouth was open for a while ! dammn ! i mean i think abt having two kids maax and these ppl have 7 and think abt more !

maaan...lazim tfta7 7a'6ana bs 7g her kids now ! w mu bs ihya! fee mathalan wayid foriegners ihne..they dnt have the 'best' jobs w bs eyeeboon u got the money for 5 or 6 ?? serously ?

A saaad story i heard abt this baby girl..shes like 1 week old..he's babas freind in dawam....shes very sick..she was born with one atruim in her heart..the doctors in kuwait awal three days were like safirhaa now! 7mdla wishkir..5ossh walla i7na 3ndna docs here laish madre !! and wizarat il 9i7aa sawat il papers to send her fawraan..3ala ma they did the papers kanaw 76eenha in il 9dre..the dad was talkin with his bro one of the days..then he kept getting calls from ppl asking are u his father w they close it

he rushed to the hospital to find a bunch of doctors and they asked him r u the dad? then sadly they informed him that she didnt make it..allah yir7amhaaa!;*

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├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

mashalla shno hathi ga6wa ? :p
walla eyebon o ykawdon 3la goltech
ba3dain ma yadroon 3anhm .. tali yeshrehoon 3laihm etha eghle6aw

5o dam mo gad.ha eshmala yayben hal kether ?! ;@

about the baby girl .. allah yer7amha walla 3awert galbi ;(

Delicately Realistic said...

An operation like that requires a surgeon who specialises in critical operations. They arent very common around the world, its not just a Kuwait thing.

Allah ykon ib 3on ilahal.

brown-suger said...

;( waay 7raam.. i can't imagine loosing my baby.. ( if i had one ya3ni ) ^_^

A Journal Entry said...

maskeeena allah yir7amha =(

ooo ham il syrian maskeena allah e3eenha.. shloun bitjabil e3yalha ana many 3arfah

Bebe n' Noonie said...

ghadoor; lol shftay shlon !;S ;p

dr; i guess so !

brown sugar;; i know :(

je; lol waza3at two to each of her sisters i think !!;p lool


Aurous said...

allah yer7am
7raaam! 3wrt 8alby

Music, Happiness, Love said...

allah yar7amha
thats really a sad story

Enchanteurs said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay i can comment!! sa7 ?! 5anshoof :P

Enchanteurs said...


and omg the baba :( 7araaam !!!

Sh7afana said...

mashhalahhhh.. 3afya arnab mo marra..

wa3alaya.. allah yer7amha :S

eshda3wa said...

allah yr7amha inshallah

Anonymous said...

its sad...

PaLoMiNo said...


ya m3wda 3 kafi ;p

o sa7 kalmich walla!

alla ykon eb 3oon il ahal

Anonymous said...

rest in peace for the poor girl..

why our docs like this..

laish maku kafa2a here ...!!?
why dont they do big stuff here
why we have to travel outside..?

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaay the second one kash sha3ar yambi 9ar feeni what if it was my baby bro:'(