Saturday, September 20, 2008

Blah blah bla...

- im back=)

- my tummy is aching !!=(

- jammin to love lockdown- kanye west

- waiting for 90210 and gossip girl to finish downloading so i can watch em..although gossip girl mu shay kilish i still watch it=p

- ams i went to s7oor with three of my friends to slider station..the outing was so much fun! bs i had one burger..dynamite..i liked it though cos it had jalepenos !=p friends ordered so much food ! makan la da3ee!=p we ended up giving it to a ma9ry 7aris yam il resturaunt..mskeen he was happy!=) eheh..we were laughing so much !!i think athaina il banat ily yamnaa!=
one of my friends S was bieng creative and saying how she imagines our husbands will be ! mashalla 3alaiha! she described mine as ina ill be soo formal wiyaa y3nee makoo ' friend F added ill bring a pen w wrigga for the marriage discussion ! i was laughing so much ! meeyanen..shakoo!=p lol a paper 3aad!=p w ee b3d eloog lii wa7iddd mtabtab..!=p

- i got amazing heels!! im gnaa start wearing heels alot..ma3ana heels hurt me w not comfy kilish bs i want to! they look good =p

- mashalla ramadan maaar ibsir3aa ma booga shay we5ali99 ! eta8abal alla 6a3atkm kilikom inshalla

-baby mama is a funny movie..if u guys didnt watch it..shofoo=)

- i love this song !!!

-Bye guys=*


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desertpalms said...

welcome bacck sweetie =*

ee thakerteeni..season 2 gg has started again sa7? i gotta catch up this weekend madam ma 3indi wayed shgl =)

me and my friend alwaaaays overorder..haramm it goes to waste. We order so much and then end up eating less than half lool ow everytime, we say next time we'll know not to order so much bas we still do.. we never learn hehehe

A Journal Entry said...

welcome baaaack =D

ee ana ga3da anazil gossip girl oo ga3da ayam3ah 7ag 3gub ermuthan ;p

MeeMzZ said...

welcooooooome back!!;p

LOOOL... the husband part!!KAAAAAAAAAK bas laish pen o0 paper!! hehehehe:P

O0 i'm soo gonna watch the movie baby mama

by the waay the song is sooooo amazing!!;p

Um Mit3ib said...

akhaiih 3ala sliideer;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

welcome back! :)

i love that you didnt throw the food away and gave it to someone. people laugh at me when i do that, but i dont care, i love the expression on their faces :)

eshda3wa said...

i love gossip girl
its an easy watch ya3ni

tadreen i stilll havent been to slider station
like ever!

need to go sometime

Sh7afana said...

7aram 3alaich .. gossip girl mo shay!?

brown-suger said...

ee walla.. rme'6an went fast. thats for sure
loooooooooool wenasaaaa i love predicting :P thikreeh oo etha tizawajtay golelna if its true lol tara ako high heels that r so comfy chinhum sneakers or something

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

wow describing about future husbands thats fun for girls.

ee wedi a6ale3 hal movie bs madre meta

Charmbracelet said...

desert palms: thnx babe =* lool I dont do that..I order one thing atleast..adre 7ata that one thing mara7 akamla..ashba3 bsr3aa=0! =p

Journal E; shoookran!=) good a7san mnee an6ir 7al8a tanzil w a6ali3ha 3ala 6ool!=p ehhe

meemz; gracias=) ehehe mm 3alla boona am so mratiba..w Serious !=0 madre laish they think cthe !=p and I knowww the song!! 9ooothm kilihooom mu 9ij!!

um-mit3ib; akhaiih=p

Dandoon; merci..lool..we all thought it was normal..=p heeh

Eshda3wa; 3adi anna this weekend was the 2nd time I go=p yea u should, try it =)

Sh7afana; makoo a7dath..w ni9 il 7al8aa making out..laih mta 3arafna!!=p lol
brown-sugar; eheh..I dont mind chubby=) I liike =) inshalla will doo=p
bs do these sneaker|heels look good?=p

P-ella; eheh yea...


dreamGIRL said...

Awwh, now im craving some mini burgers! :(

I soo want to watch babay mama!!:P & i will.

HEY, ARE YOU CRAZY?? GOSSIP GIRL IS AMAZING!! and 90210 have skinny actresses! lol too skinny!>_<

Music, Happiness, Love said...

looool the thing about ur husband is sooo true!!;p

q8Honey said...

I agree gossip girl maleeq .. o heels rock ;p

Big Pearls said...

welcome back

9j mashallah ramadan is going fast

Charmbracelet said...

dreamgirl; lool yea !=p eheh as i said gossip girl the episode il wa7idd ni9aa kissing scenes !=p madree its not on my top list

hq; loool soo NOT true !!=p

honey; yeaaa !

big pearls; thnxx..eee!


Delicately Realistic said...

La la la az3al !!! GG 3ajeeeb!!

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

el7emdella 3la el salama
walahna 3la ur FACTS walla ;p

sourire said...

i loovee gossip girl...& 90210 is amazingg.. I'd kill for silver's body!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back :)

I so gotta watch the baby mama movie :D

3anooda said...

i was sure i commented on your post before. il muhim min wain itnazleen 90210?? mani gadra a7a9leh 3ala morpheous which is where i download from

PS. I invented my own tag. I need answers. Help me out.

ahmed said...

welcome back :D
ahh i miss watching to Gossip Girl !
I won't watch season 2 till it finish !

Enchanteurs said...

baby mama 3ajeeeb ! ;p
o rmethan kila chethi ymur bser3a :s
oo salamat 3la ur tummy o wb!!
aana ba3ad ma7abait gossip girl thak il zod;p

Charmbracelet said...

DR; its not my Fave!=p

ghadoor; aaw inshalla will post soon=)

sourir; noo shes tooo thin!=p

amu; thank you..yeaa u should =)

3anooda; i use =)

ahmed; lol yea its better=)

enchanteurs; thnxxx=*