Thursday, September 25, 2008


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1- Twilight- Stephanie Meyer- i got it ams w muu ra'6yaa i let it gooo !! w at the same time i dont want to finish it !!=p wi9alt page 183!=O baroo7 i but new moon today !!=$ eheh
do u guys like my bookmark? =p

2- Green tea- lazim one mug a day =) i put sugar fee..i heard ina fayditaa kilha troo7 ! bs mu 7lw without sugar =( =P
w b3d green tea ice blended b3d mal coffee bean ! i started putting caramel on top of the whip cream..the lady suggested it the other day w it wass goood !! for those who like green tea ice blended

3- Tv series- 90210, gossip girl, greys anatomy, private practice, one tree hill, prison break, lipstick jungle

4- Diet coke

5- blogging !


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♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

wayed gemt ashoof ppl addict to green tea !

blogging is fun:)

3anooda said...

SHOTGUN - ok seriously whats up with these addictionat!!! they are everywhere.

randomq80ya said...

the twilight series is amazing i recently finished the 4th book :breaking dawn" if you really like her then you might as well read her other book released this year aimed for adults it is also sci fi its called "the host" i didn't read it yet but i am going to very soon :)

oh and your taste in tv shows is exactly like mine :P

Charmbracelet said...

p-ella; ee !=p

3anooda; this was hard !! bil '3a9iib ligait addictions!!=p

randomq8ya; coool ! thnxx=)

desertpalms said...

aww =) inty b3d habeebatna

so do you recommend me reading the book? i might check it out this weekend

i cant drink tea/coffee without sugarr either hehehe bas i seriously go overboard..i sometimes put 4 or 5 spoons in for one small cup loool never tried green tea though..

MeeMzZ said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL...i'm readng twilight bas tawnee amas i started!! 6ab3an p-ella 5arabatnee i never read bas now i'm starting to read some books!!

ow blogging i'm with you!!;p

diet coke DIET REDBULL!!;p hehehehe

3anooda said...

charmbracelet - law ana chan sawait yumkin 5amseen addiction.

Charmbracelet said...

desertpalms; yess read it !!=)

meemz; lol red bull for me kan habba=p i dnt find it 3jeeb anymore=p
reading is very good!! e lazim u read !

3anooda; i tag u please lat76een 50!!=O =P


Music, Happiness, Love said...

i dont know when my twighlit arrives;(

its taking forever !

3anooda said...

tag done

Anonymous said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaw i saw my name in the green tea;P

SKITTLES said...

OMG! Twilight 7adddha 3cheeeeebaaa!!!
ri7t bashtiri the rest of the saga min virgin wila mako! malat 3laihom! :-o

bs i ordered them online, and i have the complete thing now! me so happyyy :$

bs seriously, abiii an Edwaaard :-o

Anonymous said...

too much soda makes u chubby ;p

dreamGIRL said...

I'm addicted to Twilight too, i have the book! It's amazing. Go get the other sequals! :D

Grey's anatomy & gossipgirl are jaw-dropping!!! <3 Also House M.D is amazing.

I guess you and me have a lot in common, i'm one big Diet coke addict! & obviously blogging is getting to close to be one of my addiction.

Ruby Woo said...

I prefer mint green tea without sugar, and ambay I finally found someone who like the blended green tea too!! 3ajeeb 9a7?

Big Pearls said...

love tv series:)

Charmbracelet said...

Hq;its sooo good!=p

sugar; shftay shlon..cos ur soo sweet!=p

skittles: I knoww theyre all done!!;( ughhh Edward is amazing..way zoo8aaa!=*

amu; I never get chubby!=p lol

dreamgirl: abeeehm am looking for em!!=| ur my twin then=) lol

ruby woo; me u and missy like it soo far =)

Pearls; yeaa!=)


q8Honey said...

Told u ;p new moon ba3ad a7la ;)

Charmbracelet said...

i heard 3ad new moon is boring!! bs i will read it !! i cant wait till i get it !!=D

I ♥ pink Sugar said...

i love the book...addictive is the appropriate word!
instead of the green tea you should try the flower blossom team!! its phenomenal