Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What Do U Do With What They Left Over U

What makes you cry?

What would u die for?


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Music, Happiness, Love said...

first comment ;p

1. seeing others cry

2. my frends


desertpalms said...

everything =( and i hate it

my beliefs

bas 3ad u cant just have our replies...you have to answer the questions tooo you knowww! =P

Charmbracelet said...

hq; ur friends..cutte =*

desertpalms; lol..aaw
yea i my answers are

not alot of things make me cry actually..mu sensitive..bs i cry when i feel depressed and lonley..basically pmsing=| ehe

i would die for the one person i love
i would die for justice
i would die for freedom


MeeMzZ said...

What makes you cry?
NOTHING!! I DON'T CRY MADREE I THINK I DIDN'T CRY WHEN MY MOM BROUGHT ME!!;P i think i'm dead inside!!;p hehehe

What would u die for?
PEOPLE CRYING!!;P that's soo freakin funny;p hehehe

and that's it!! i hope that's what you wanna hear!!;s

desertpalms said...

noooniiieee, youuuuu have beeen taaaaaaaaagged By MEEEE..so you cant escape =P

A Journal Entry said...

1- seeing children cry (mo dala3ah la laman ekoon fee shay ethayig'hum)

2- hubby and family

Big Pearls said...

seeing my loved ones cry.

SKITTLES said...

1. a broken heart.
2. a life of unending joy. Dreamy i know. :$

Seattle dude said...

A- dying
B- living

♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

1) when someone almost get raped or being raped especially kids, losing family and Love.

2) True Love and living.

q8Honey said...

seattle dude .. Dramatic comment ;p

1- seeing someone cry
2- chicken fajita

├ƓɧαɗσσƦ┤™ said...

1. lma akon maqhoora ;p
2. kuwait, family, friends

Anonymous said...

seeing people I care about crying...

Enchanteurs said...

1. il better question what doesnt make me cry?;p

2. my family

dreamGIRL said...

- A Lot; watching drama movies, seeing little kids die of hunger or such. i'm such a drama-queen! sometimes i cry over silly things.

- i'd die for my family & friends.