Saturday, January 30, 2010

You're The Beginning And The End Of Every Chapter

* Always rinse and brush before you go to bed. Rinse even with only water after eating anything.
* Smoking, drinks such as coca cola, tea, coffee, and soya sauce can stain your teeth.
* I heard that dipping(a little amount) on the ends of your toothbrush in honey and then applying ur toothpaste helps whiten =) so im trying that out!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Can Something So Deadly Feel So Right

I think tongue piercings are Hot ! Some of you might think its gross, bs i love it ! The only thing stopping me from getting one is the society we live in ='((

HAWWWT ! I'm in love with this car !!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Moon Belongs To Your Sun

Orange & Mango Smoothie From The One Marina Mall.. I looove it !


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Your Kiss Is On My List

I've been having breakfast at all kinds of places these days =) I'm soo mad at my self for not taking pictures for you guys ! sorry =(

I've been to lenotre, which was not my kind of breakfast. I hate goin to places with buffet. But my family loved it for some odd reason. I liiked thier 9aj.. bss! But i've been their for lunch and i fell in love with the food ! i dont normally go to lenotre because i tried it once a really long time ago and had a bad experience with the food i chose so i hated it. But mom dragged us there last week. I ordered the mushroom risotto and my sister ordered mac and cheese and mushroom. My mom ordered chicken with cheese and spinach stuffing but i didnt try that. It looked good though.

I've been to applebees. I had pancakes and i noticed their menu was different.. they added more foods. My mom ordered a breakfast burrito with beans and eggs. i liked her order more than mine. My pancakes were just pancakes =p

I've been to Jhonny Rbreakfast. I practically live at Jhonny Rockets. Whether its breakfast, lunch, or dinner. For breakfast at Jhonny Rockets i usually have a side order of two eggs scrambled with thier yuummy cheese.

I heard that Napkit at the aveneus had a new menu and was serving brunch now. My grandma ordered Grandmas Apple Crepe because the title said grandma so she was like i'll have it. It turned out really niiice. Very Delicious ! i ordered an Egg Burrito with meat. It was okkkkaaay. It wasnt a good choice.

I had PQ today and it was the winner ! Out of all the resturaunts above. Thier food is so organic and it has a good taste to it. I had french toast ! It was mouthwatering! My brother had a Grilled Haloumii Salad. It was rocca, with halloum Cheese, strawberries and cheese and Balsamic Dressing. It was great. I really recommend PQ! i was missing out thats for sure.

I love the atmosphere of breakfasts. Very quiet and satisfying !=)