Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How Can Something So Deadly Feel So Right

I think tongue piercings are Hot ! Some of you might think its gross, bs i love it ! The only thing stopping me from getting one is the society we live in ='((

HAWWWT ! I'm in love with this car !!

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Anonymous said...

tongue piercings just so you know are the equivalent of tramp stamps, look up the term.

so there is a good reason why 'society' here is against such concepts.

go find some other way to rebel.

Troublemaker said...

For anonymous: i don't think there is something wrong with our society, we just have some dumb ass judgmental fucks like u that are in it. I got a question for u, men that get the tongue ring are tramps?? I thought a tramp should be a girl. Btw the society here is not against it, every one wana do somethin bad but no one has the balls to do it cus they care about what ppl think and say. I love the way ur so sure about the fact that if N looks up what it means that the answer will be its for tramps...I think u looked it up first cus u were interested but u just couldn't get it and u wanted to find a bad thing about it. Even if I'm not a fan of piercings i wouldn't call ppl tramps for their style. I would just respect there taste. Everyone has a different view of the world and the things that go around them, a piercing cant make someone a tramp. It's just for looks, a tramp can be the fuckin angle in the room that everyone loves, a tramp stamp is when shes with a different guy every day and from the way she acts not looks . ur the first person that ever said somethin negative about her blog at least make since next time.

N- I like tongue piercings I wana try it one day: P and that car is not that grate its like an M6 on steroids :P but I would still ride it. I love ur blog keep dat good work up

doona said...

i hate the x6! its probably the ugliest car ever made by bmw!

s.s said...

to anonymous .. i think you are completely ridiculous. its funny actually how you see the world in black and white. look at the grey side dear.
im pretty sure you've done your fair share of being a "rebel" .
if piercing your tongue is like being called a "tramp stamp" then i might as well stay home, never leave, cook the food, cover my hair and not have an opinion like this society am i right?
....... oh wait,
the society isn't like that anymore. does that mean we are all rebels?
if tongue piercing is the equivalent of being "tramp stamp" then we all must be tramps with the things we do behind our families and friends back. cant really deny it. happens everyday and everywhere. being deprived of such minor privileges is what make ppl like you say such silly things. take your glasses of dear and look around. and after your done take a good look at yourself and see if piercing your tongue is so bad.
women vote now dear, stop living in the stone ages. itl get you nowhere. And if you are really that closed minded then why in the world are you wasting your time reading blogs..

drew looks pretty happy to me.. what do you think charmbracelet?

s.s said...

the x6 looks like the x5 and x3 had a baby n it came out looking like that

Wer3Y said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :D i told u no one likes the x6 :D u owe me 1 kd N :P

A Journal Entry said...

i like the car too!

Charmbracelet said...

Anony; basically troublemaker and ss said everything=D

Trouble; the x6 is hot !

Ss; I really appreciate ur comment, I agree 100% =) shiiit I can't wait till I get one !=O ;)

I liiiike baby x6=$

Doona; nooooo=( I said that at first but then I started to like it !=O

Wer3y; duuuuuuude! Everyone loves the x6!=O
=$ what are you talking about?


Troublemaker said...

S.S- I love the shit u said ;p and i agree with the x6 thing....

N- the car is hot, i dont hate it but it just looks wired i would ride the rang sport.

Crystal said...

i LOVE tongue piercings ! OMG

Charmbracelet said...

Crystal; I knoooow right ! =D

SKITTLES said...

LOL shloon qararty ena they're hot? There's a girl i know, she has one, she looks like a "tramp". but it looks pretty cool on Drew! so I guess it looks sexy or trampy depending on who's wearing them. :-o

and i dont get why the first anonymous is taking it so seriously. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. if i wanted to rebel by having tattoos all over my body and piercings where our 'society' wont allow, then that's my way of going rogue. if it's not a "free" county, I'd like to think there are free spirits among us.

and the x6 is totally sexyyy!