Monday, October 19, 2009

You Are What I've Been Waiting For

This movie is a great thriller! the movie is about a couple who decide to adopt a kid. They already have two kids but after after her miscarriage, she says she wants to give the lost love of the lost baby to someone else. This thriller, in my opinion, the beginning of the movie was really boring and i was waiting till it finshes. But halfway through it really gets to me. i got really mad and anxious. I hated that orphan the minute i saw her! she is so annoying. You will undertsand what i mean when you watch the movie, if you haven't! i do recommend this movie!

4 Scribbles:

Standy said...

i've been wanting to see this movie for so long now!!!

i really cant wait to see it

Euphoria said...

I loved it!! :Dpreh

Phlash. said...

I've been waiting for it tooo! Also there's this really old spanish horror movie called "the orphanage"(2007). Really good stuff; Scary as hell tooo (esp. since its spanish). Another one i've been wanting to watch is sorority. Love the blog. x

Charmbracelet said...

standy- tell me what you think =)

euphoria- =D

Phlash- i dont like horror movies wayiid ! i only watch em lama someone is gona watch it with me! a5af =p