Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Now I See Myself Through Different Eyes

My Sister's Keeper is a movie based on the book by Jodi Picoult. Sara(Cameron Diaz) and Brian are parents of two, Kate and Jesse. The couple learns that Kate has cancer, and none of the family members can donate anything to her because they are not a match. Her and her husband decide to make another baby with the same characteristics as Kate so they can help Kate survive. Anna, the child thats saving Kate, turns eleven and claims that shes sick and tired of them using her body and want to emancipate herself medically from her parents, so she sues them.

I watched this movie today! I loved it. I think the actors did a good job. Ofcourse i read the book a long time ago and its so different and very much detailed! Throughout the movie i kept crying. Its a very sad movie indeeed! The director did an exquisite job in making the audience feel the pain and get attached.

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Darliam said...

i so want to watch that movie... i couldn't go to see it in june when it came out ... I need to go find it on dvd

шнίѕрєг said...

I waited for this movie so long!

and now they're not showing it in the cinemas Qahar I guess I'll have to rent it Cause it really looks good!!

Anonymous said...

does it have a happy ending??

Immaturely Mature said...

This movie was great up to the end. The ending was different than the book :(, but besides that it was greatly portrayed.
I went to see it with a couple of girlfriends and I've never seen a theatre full of girls and no males haha. We were all crying allah yeb3id 3anina el mo9ayib
Great choice for a movie review :D