Saturday, October 31, 2009

This Is It, I Can Feel It

I LOVE bananas. But only when they are green and i wait for them to get yellow right the next day. Do you know what i mean? So they taste so good and fresh! I don't like a bruised banana =( i know thats not right but it does taste different when its bruised! You can see on the chart above, the nutrients in a banana.

7 Scribbles:

Bliss said...

I love them too!!!

I prefer to have them semi bruised :)

SKITTLES said...

I hate bananas!!! i love the shake though ;D

Spring Of Truth said...

OMG i Loooooove bananas <3 <3
i loove their yellow color :p
i like it for a reason lol its very easy to eat ! XD
i dnt hv to wash it or cut it or anything =D
just eat =D

A said...

You know what I'll drink right now because of your post? Banana milk shake!

[MaDry-Shakw~] said...

i hate bananas !

Charmbracelet said...

blisss; =D

Skittles; ista'3farallah ya mara goolay =P

spring of truth; true !!

A; i want one too please =)

Madry Shakoo;ista'3farallah ya mara goolay =P


SKITTLES said...

LOL estaghferallah! but i really do hate them :$

wallah i tried eating them once, fa i got them all naked and stuff i was just about to re-taste them! yimkin i like them y3ni. well i ended up not liking them. i didnt even bite ;D