Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Just Can't Stop Loving You

"Those who never experienced real love, should never judge it"

i made this quote up =)
Kesh5a mu ? =p
Do u agree with it ??

** Im In loveeeeee with Michael Jackson these days !! My favorite songs are;
I Just Cant Stop Loving You
Dirty Diana
Rock With You
You Rock My world
You Are Not Alone
Billy Jean
Smooth Criminal


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*S.W ~ said...

OMG, this is sooo weird, a Michael Jackson song just came up on my iTunes... I went into the Michael Jackson phase after i watched one of the American Idol episodes xD
Anyways, yeah i love Dirty Diana and Will You Be There is good too <3
and im loving your quote ! So true

A Journal Entry said...

smooth criminal.. allah!

On-The-Rocks said...

michael jackson has some good songs i agree :)

lama said...

so the quote has a story to it? or is it for micheal?=p

Charmbracelet said...

SW; thankkks!

Journal E; eee! =P

Rocks; yuup !

lama; the quote shay w michael shay..the quote doesnt have a story..i just thought about it =)i mean if u havent experienced a thing in life and dont know how it feels...dont talk about it..ya diig? =P


Stand-Alone~ said...

lool.. nice quote..
i agree,, M.J does have nice songs..

Gee said...

totally agree :)

Anonymous said...

Hey babe,
Those who have never experienced true love should never judge those who have."

lama said...

loooooooooool okiii;p haha i just got that;p sorry;*