Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Rock My World

i think im a movvie addict
Pride and Prejudice- A verry veryy good movie, the kind of movie i would watch again and again,,im still deciding if i should read the book

Bride Wars- Funny, Fun actresses, Happy Ending..whats not to like about it =)

Paul Blart- funny at times..a good movie bs not that good..i expected it to be funnier !


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A Journal Entry said...

kil il shampoos malot herbal essence 3ajeebah!
o the scent lingers more than any other shampoo does

*S.W ~ said...

I'm gonna try that shampoo, it looks good !
And I've never watched Pride & Prejudice ... Bas since you say its good then ill watch it whenever i have time, i have so many things going on right now (so many assignments!)

serenade said...

this movie does not do it justice at all! especially not this one, watch the BBC one, it's a million times better,, but nothing beats the book,, oh and I'm talking about pride & prejudice ;p

CuteandCuddly said...

I love them all
but pride and prejudice no one can top that but i would recommend reading the book :)
walla its better and while you are at it read Janes Austen's book persuasion :)
walla you would love it and will love caption wentworth :)

Charmbracelet said...

Journal; i this one is the best out of all !

S.W; yeaa u should =)

Serenade; really ?? the five hour one yea?? hmm i think i should give that a try =D yea my friend told me that the book is amazing too !! gona buy the book asap =)


Ex-clamation Mark said...

You should definitely read the book! It's a classic. And all P&P fans agree that the movie is just not fair to the book AT ALL!

Daloul said...

i use that shampooo ow im lovin it :D

Cooookies said...

I luv their shampoos

Im a movie addict .. I've seen all of these .. any other recommendations ?

Kindle My Heart said...

EE I agree with you on Mallcop ;p
P.S Check out my blog please :D

cherriiMuffin said...

i need you to visit my blog and give your opinion about posting something please <3 i'll be grateful for that

Charmbracelet said...

Cuteandcuddly; thankss=** i will read them =)

Ex; yea i will ! i loove p&p

Daloul; ee 9aaa7 !? =p

cookies; yea inshalla i will do another movie post =)

Kindle; =)

Cherri; =)


The Girl said...

I love bride wars, a movie that you can call your fav. And Kate looked stunning with her style.

Fahad said...

I loved loved loved Pride & Prejudice, if you liked it you should watch Atonement, it's breathtaking!

Bride Wars was a fun movie, I love everything Anne touches :p

I couldn't even watch Mall Cop, I saw the first few minutes and stopped it.