Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Days go by and I'll grow stronger

How do u predict the next generation in Kuwait ??

Im thinking its gona be really messed up but at the same time i feel its gona be better, it will change

What do u think ?

**I watched Pearl Harbor a few days ago for the first time ! That movie is one of my favorites now!

Im sorry, i havent been updating at all cos im crammed with work..i miss blogg !=*

ps; i loved all your answers in the last post ! =*


7 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

i think the next generation will have the worst ppl ever and the best ppl ever. :-o

god i just love the romance in pearl harbor ;*


Big Pearls said...

really messed up!

Gray Goose. said...

i agree with u but im sure that they gona be more fucked up :P


Stitch said...

I think the next generation is going to be bad man!

like really bad, like ULTIMATELY BAD!

i mean, etha e7na we were given an inch w look at the outcome, we took a mile, and the'll take 2 miles, no doubt about it

did tht make sense? cuz it did in my head!

Cooookies said...

mixed up and messed up :/

allah e7afith`hum :S

On-The-Rocks said...

i believe ra7 ekoon jeeeel maku la diyana wala sana3 wala shy.... americanized 7adhum

Daloul said...

liiiike meee
ambaii a few days ago my friend told me inna i should watch pearl harbor so i did ow its one of my FAVS now (:
i love it