Friday, June 5, 2009

Make Me Wanna Fly, To The Top Of Every Rainbow

Im Loviiin My New Blog Picture


My Profile Picture !



12 Scribbles:

CuteandCuddly said...

lol they are so cute !!!!!!!!

i would love to join you on top the third rainbow only because i already have a appointment to fly to the moon and sing among the stars :P

Daloul said...

5allaaa9 for your blog deceration.
i give it an A+ :DDD
im looovin it;**
ambaiii im jst gonna go back and look at it.

Anonymous said...

i luv audrey!

Ruby Woo said...

It looks much more sophisticated.

Random question: Where's bebe? She's not posting anymore.

Aurous said...

7adhom cool... I really like your profile pic ;D

Charmbracelet said...

Thank you kilikom ! U Rock!=****

Rubyy; no a few months back she declared her independence from this blog,,I posted it b3d =)
so this is MY blog now =D

Shwaish said...

theyre very nice ;)

Anonymous said...

mmm nice pic :)

Gee said...

i love B&Ws

On-The-Rocks said...

loving the pictures, mashalla 3ajebeeen, the profile picture is just amazing

Slai7e6 said...

what she eatin there ?

Charmbracelet said...

thank you shwaish, amu, gee, on the rocks, aurous, slai76= walla madre..?=O
a cinnamon croissant ?