Friday, November 14, 2008


I watch soo many shows its hard to keep up

1-Moonlight; its not new, 1 season has been out..and i heard thats its very good. And it IS ! its amazing..since am in love with vampires now..i love it! its sad that they stopped after season 1 !

2-One Tree Hill; I stopped at episode 9! its really getting boring, im not downloadng anymore !

3- Gossip Girl; its getting better..i loove to check out theyre outfits..its like the best part

4-The ex list; its fun to watch..its funny =p i like cyrus ! =p

5- Prison Break; i looove it ! Keeps getting better..! mabe i say something that will spoil it for those who didnt watch it yet so i wont =p

6- Lipstick Jungle; i like it, bs so far i think season 1 was better..

7- 90210; its ma8bool=p


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♥ P-Ella ♥ said...

tadreen never watched any of those:P bs I'd like to watch gossip girls

PaLoMiNo said...

eeeeh walla hard to keep up!!!

agolich shay? bas ma an6aag ;p

ana mo ga3da ashooof shy ;x

S E 7 E N said...

7 wayed ????? hehehehehe 3ayal what if you watch 20 ??? ishloon bitla7geen ?? and Prison Break 7ilow am sorry askhaf mosalsal nizal season 1 7ilow bs il 3igba sakheef

Ghadoor said...

ana 9ayra mali 5elg ;\
Prison Break 3endi episode 9 o 10 lel7in ma ;\

The Criticizer said...

Prison Break is the only show I watch. ;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...


A Journal Entry said...

waaay ana 9ayer 3indy mishkilah.. 9ij i cannot keep up with the shows i'm watchin =/

Aurous said...

I've only watched Prison Break <3

but I'm thinking of watching gossip girl

BeBe said...

yep one tree hill is so boring !
n i didnt like lipstick jungle !
two episodes n it's so lame ma7abieta
bs gossip girl 7lo !

oo ugly betty etha ma shefty wayed 7lo

oo heroes is so cool

oo etha tabeen tmooteen mn el laughing shoofy the it crowd
7da 7lo :P

oo according to jim season 6 nekta

oo the nanny season 1

brown-suger said...

agool.. do u like the host book?? i dont like sci-fiction.. but i heard its goood.. shrayich?

Charmbracelet said...

p-ella: ur missing out tara!=O =p

polo: lol..3adi 3adi whenever u get a vacation or something like that..order em! W just s-hray 3alaihm! Its fun!=p

Se7en: oooohhh nooo!! Its still good!!! Sakheef no!=p

ghadoor: gotta watch em! =O =p


Charmbracelet said...

macaholiq: yuuup! good! If u said u watch gossip girl mathalan! I'd freak out!=p

hq: see for urself hoe!!=* =p

journal E: don't blame ya girl=|

Aurous: mm yes good choice =)

bebe: lipstick jungle! U gotta watch more than that to get hooked!
I saw heroes season 1..w wai3 its confusing w wierd a little..I'm gonaa give the it crowd a try=) thnx babe foe sharing =*

brown-sugar: im almost done with I'll post a review in a few days..w intay judge=)


Stand-Alone~ said...

From all,i love vampires so i think i will download and watch moonlight, i love one tree hill, it gets better later on.. i so need to watch gossip girl, and i need to catch up with prison break..

Have you watched Heros? if you not, you HAVE to watch it!!

Anonymous said...

I am so away from all these weird series ;p

Missy said...

I LOVE OTH.. bas last episode was boring ;\
aaah dont u watch grey's and dhw?! :p

MeeMzZ said...

ee i agree on the one tree hill part!!;p

Queen said...

Try watching thef ollowing, haven't watched but i have the CDs and will watch soon:

1- Birn Notice
2- Dirty Sexy Money
3- Big Shot

Give us a review on them later on :)

Single & Fabulous said...

I don't like Gossip Girl much,the story line is a bit weak, but I like their fashion style. I love prison break. I like Lipstick Jungle, but the production company has pulled the plug on this one and seasons two is the last season. Others that I watch, Ugly Betty (I LOVE IT), Lost (My favorite), Heroes (really good), The Tudors, reality shows like the apprentice, project runway, america's next top model. About to watch Samantha Who? i hear it is good.
Thank God I read your blog, because I was thinking of watching one tree hill, but since you don't recommend it, I won't !