Thursday, November 20, 2008

How Did We Get Here

My mind is blank..

Im having mixed feelingss=

i feel sick
i feel tired
i feel happy
i feel anxious and curios for something (i dont know what) for some reason =O =p

i love this song

Im excited for tomorow! Its Twilight Premiere =D


8 Scribbles:

Music, Happiness, Love said...

u forgot one feeling

how much u love me ;p ;)

Ghadoor said...

eee a3arf hal wath3 el ghabi :p
o 5osh song .. downloaded ;p

btw i miss u ;p

brown-suger said...

yessssss.. twilight :D here i come lol

Ðark D. said...

yay Twilight 8D

Oo just b-happy .. =)
it's the best thing

BeBe said...

yay i cant wait but :( i just remembered our cinema doesnt change it's movies until next thursday :(

Even Sweeter said...

amazing song!! i know what u mean il ma tadren shtsawen ib nafsich ;p!! YEEY Twilight

Charmbracelet said...

MHL; oh yeaa !=O
i love u !=* =p

Ghadoor; i miiss u too babe =*

Brown- sugar; me tooo ! =O

Dark D; yaaay =D am happy now

bebel bs its cut !=(

even sweeter; hello =) =D =O =)


libero anima said...

liked the song !! =D