Tuesday, November 4, 2008

N reading and B doing an essay...

*Start randoom convo...*

N: I don't get how she can stay out of the house mn the morning w not come home till 8 pm..i mean she doesnt want to rest? Her friends can wait till tomorow.

B: That's what separates you from the world, you just want to rest man!

N: *laughs*

B: imitation "i need to rest, bard il bayt o im just gunna relaaaaax... lets just go and rest, resting is the shitt!" etc etc..

N: *still laughing* Chathaba, that's so not true!

B: Osshhh, lets rest! *throws herself on bed*

N: *Laughs hysterically*

- im back =D i feel better..i to0k longer cos i pulled a neck muscle which was very very painful ! bs il7mdla im fine

- i really dont know y B thinks am wierd..its just i like to relax..but ofcourse shes exxagerating !=O i hate shouting..i hate noise..im a very calm or as B says barda person ! =p

- Anyway this song is my jam these days ! =p tell me what u think =)
i LOVE oldieees


8 Scribbles:

A Journal Entry said...

salamaat dear =)

oo about the song OOLLAH!
min wain em6al3at'ha?!

3anooda said...

welcome back - u have been missed

aTooNa said...

WB girlie

o i love relaxing too!

as for the song, sakhbaree, bs nice choice ;)

desertpalms said...


ur back baby!! =D

missedddd you! =*

am glad youre feeling better...im just like you..i REALLY love my sleep lol im lazyyyy

*am lisening to it now...ooold tune!*

desertpalms said...

u made me start listenin to

its not rightt..but its okaayy..im gonna make it anywaayy


Ghadoor said...

el 7emdella 3la el salama :D
walla missed u alot
o sha5beri el song ;p

BeBe said...

i dont like this song :P i dont know why but im no fan of the singer :P

Charmbracelet said...

JE; allah esalmich..i lovee old songs =p

3anooda; thnxx=**

Atoona; theres nothing wrong with restingg =p

Dp; =******
listen to
im saving all my love for you
im every woman

ghadoor; thnx=* ee i knoww

bebe; old songs are the best ! =O =p
her voice wayiid 7lww