Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sea Shell - N~

I just came home from Kempiniskii/sea shell..The weather was good bs 7arr 7aiiil! At first i was so excited that there was a private first thing i tried out the private pool for ladies 3ala bona ba5th ra7te bs WAI3 awalan fe girls mn dashait they were staring ka2ane alien yay mn madre wain..i sat there hoping ina they would stop Bs no..!! God they have no shame..every move I made I was bieng watched..thanyian.. the pool was m'3a6a kinda w mako wayid sun coming in,, the pool was nastyyy i started itching like crazy afterthe pool !:/ and after a shower !!Waii3 and kan fe kids so God knows what they did in there ! Eew o we handeled it for an hour then we left I went back to the shalaih to find my dad w wayid mn ahalii goin to the ba7ar! The ba7ar '3air 3n Il pool coz i can get the best tan without even applying any tanning oil! The ba7ar was soo nice ! Bs it was a little warm We stayed foog il two hours just hanging out in the water !;)We went back exhausted and hungryBy night time we were introduced to the game blackjack :p lol..No money ! I swear ehehe..I won alot of times;)At 1am we wwent up to out rooms and we hung out in the balcony talking and Looking down at the poolside..we saw how guys can bee soo 5ifaaa and the girls too!! It was SOO funny we laughed alot lama I needed my inhaler which I forgot to pack;( We went to bed
The next morning we went again to the beach bs only for an hour coz we had to go home and now am back!!
i looove my taaan ! awal mara my nose e9eer that red :$:p

How was uur weekend ??:p


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Bebe n' Noonie said...

the tables have turned, now im jelous:p!
Coming back to q8 bacher WOHO


G h a d o o r said...

wanasa 3lekm bel 3afya

ooh dont let me talk about my weekend coz kan 7ada ta3ees ;p

New Bride said...

wansaa i am glad u had fun :) by the way if u r not met7jba why did u go to that privet pool ??? ana met7jaba that`s why ma a7eb asba7 bl ba7ar o ana covered so kint aroo7 elpool at 8 a.m el wath3 kan 7loo cuz the day before re7t wala ga3deen ysb7oon b jeans o 3abaya weeee3 :P

so lama shafone thanee yoom wearing my bikini 7adhom ma 6abaw heheh

Bebe n' Noonie said...

bebe; wohoo:* can't wait !!

Ghadoor: Allah e3afeech;*
am sorry!! Dnt worry,be happy

Newbride: mm am not
I cant wear bikini infront of all the guys at the beach:$ its too much :p lol
I went to the pool 3ashan I wear my bikini 3ala ra7te!
W u know the guys bil q8 ur labsa 3dl w ma e5aloonich ib7alich !!:/


HQ said...

i want a nice tan!!;(
u lucky **** ;p
i never knew u had asthma ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

thats nice and productive :)

glad you enjoyed! :)

Um Mit3ib said...

alaaahhhhhhh a7la shi3or bidinya shi3or il tan ;p

a7is ele sawany masawa ghairy ;p seeda albes nafnooof abyath;p

A Journal Entry said...

3alaich bil 3afyah... i love it when the nose turns red!

Seattle dude said...

Yeah my weekend...

wait did we have a weekend?

Coconut said...

sounds like u had a fun relaxing tym :)
eff mine was horrible! 24 rz of studying .. WAI3! el wa7ed ymel.. i seriously need a vacation.. bas i want it in a cabin on top of a mountain.. kela snow everywhere alone bas my cat with me, abi chithii broo7ii and do absolutely nothing i just sit there and think clearly.

Bebe n' Noonie said...

hq; ee i doo :(

dandoon; thnx too much

um- mit3iib; ee 7adaaa

journal entry; ee bs its hurting me now..7a6ait vaseline;p

seattle dude; lol yuup we did..;p today is sunday ;)

coco; inshalla u get that vacation! that would be lovely! inshalla moowafiga w ull get the vacaation that u want ;*


Anonymous said...

glad u had fun :) I went for shooting :P

Squirreliya said...

ma etikhayillain shkither abi ba7aR w swimmmmming pool ...glad u had fun :D

..i stayed at home bel weekend, sleeping basically :p

SKITTLES said...

it was hmm.. not that much fun.

i want a sexy tan b3d! :-o

J o u j a™ said...

next time ya bnaya etha el salfa feeha tan. tell me 3ashan i join ;p

glad you had fun sweets :*

a9lan ana madri ina 9ar weekend o 5ala9 el ayam 3ndi say7a 3ala b3ath'ha ;p

Bebe n' Noonie said...

Amu: thnx;) niice (H)

squirel; thnx..when I sleep to much from boredom, unfortunatly I have major headache:/:p

skittles: yuup u have too :O:p

joouja: Inshalla walla ehmch baby!:* :p


feelingstalk said...

seems u had a great time .. and good tan :))

P.S i should wrote in my post that don`t go to private pool :/

i always go to the beach .. cause i dont trust swimmingpool