Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bebe Post.

I was having a conversation the other day with an old friend, she just came back from America.
Elmohim, we were talking about the randomest things and she made me realize that in Kuwait while driving, you always turn to see the driver beside you bel car. I so do that, it's just like a reflex or something lol, weird.
In America or any other country ma7ad lashi'3l bel thanyy, e7nah lazm en6ul or wait, is it just me? especially itha ilsayara 7elwa:p. Even like in mojima3at everyone everyone Else's business lol.
Bes I don't think of it as a way of 'flirting' or something, kilish. Like i said,reflex:p.
I'm gonna try to break the habbit;) TRY. :p
So tell me,is it just me?

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Anonymous said...

loool ana agolich laish ;p lana il kuwaitien ib damna il ligafa ! :P

Elool said...

im horrible

amshy wakhiz !

HQ said...

haha soo true ;p
but its not always a bad thing

K.D said...

ummm.. nop it's not just you.. it's the WHOLE world.. trust me!!

you have people this thing.. and i mean arab people.. and i also mean american people.. and i also mean european people.. and i also mean...!!
got the picture?!
we always say.. you know in the other countries people don't that!!
i'm american.. and i lived there for over 11 years.. trust me they do it too!!
i'm spanish!!.. and i've been there coupla times.. and trust me they do it too!!
and they say the same damn thing!!
"K you are an arab right?!.. my friend said that you people don't look at each other when you drive?!"

and there's this other thing.. car accidents.. we say when there's an accident people gather around like it's some kind of a parade or somethin
well guess what?!.. i've seen coupla accidents in NY and L.A.. and trust me when i say
they are WORSE than us!!
check this out

now tell me if it's just a kuwaiti habit?! :D

Bebe & Noonie said...

enchateurs: ee walla sa7 lool.;p

elool: trust me, your not the only one:p!
o ilmishkila when people ekhizony ana, at7al6am eser fenii why the hell is she looking at me? lol

hq: it's what you make it;)

k.d: loool hard to beleive!:p But i'ma have your word on it;)


N. said...

I think a lot of ppl do it here, because they mostly expect they will see someone they know :)

I don't do it though haha, never. I just am busy thinking, listening, or doing whatever.

Anonymous said...

its not just you hun :)

but ana sha59eyan i dont do it....l2ana usually tkoon lay3a chabdy mn el2awadem o maly 5elg a7ad lol

Anonymous said...

No... not just you! All of us do (I think)! But it's just an innocent glance.. not a long annoying stare mithil il 3agad.

shahad said...

omgood ga3da a7wel a9er nafs ilajanib bil al3a ma a5iz ilnas oo bil car ma ashof a7ad !

ok the car thing is almost workking bss il 6al3a hmm mara oo mara

and no its not just u! its in the air;p

Jawa said...

umbay i always wondered the same thing! 3abali bs ana;p la shi3oriyan ashof mino yami bs mishkilla if its a guy liana be3dain mayhidich! fa im trying to work on it as well;p tell me how it goes;p

Anonymous said...

ana kilish i dont do it. cuz etha i did it w yami guy w mo '3a9di shay. ma aftak menah. yaaaw

Squirreliya said...

ee etsadgeen ..i do sometimes atilafat ymeen w ysaar ashoof eldriver :p u r not alone after all :p

eshda3wa said...

madre i never notice anyone around me