Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A noonie yummy post ;D;P

loool tara moo kilhom bakilhm broo7e :P

i went with my mom today to sl6aan :P w were trying new flavors:P phish food lail7een ma7ad tried it :P w magic brownies is rasberries w brownies :P mo shain!
makoo 3ala chocolate fudge brownie!! a7laa shay ! ma3ana am not a chocolate person bs this,,i loove!;)

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A Journal Entry said...

i'm soooo craving the choc fudge =S

Anonymous said...

i looooooove magic brownies!!

o 7aram 3laich you do this to gona cry now :'(

Anonymous said...

yummy I love choclate,,,,,,,, where is my share???

Anonymous said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaay shawgtoooni !

nawary said...

omg thakarteeeeny i would overdose on choc. fudge brownie lama akoon fe amreka. they have a "light" version of it too (awanh) its still calorificilly yummmmmmmmmmmy

Squirreliya said...

aaaaaah <3 ga3da atnasa feeh *am not pregnant :p* ...last time ta3anait to markaz sul6an just for this ice-cream and when i reached there my friend called and asked me to do an important mishwaR to her.. so i didn't buy it 3ashan ma ythoob 3alay w ya3fesni bil sayara :x

i'll go tomorrow morning enshAllah!!

Bebe & Noonie said...

I still didn't try it:@


Anonymous said...

Oo... Ben and Jerry's is the best remedy for a broken heart :P

HQ said...

i never tried any of them;/

Cartman said...

Brownieeeeeeeeeeeeeee all the way .. i dont like the whole idea of ICe cream eating .. madrii laish .. bas BROWNIES ARE THE SHIZNIT

Bebe & Noonie said...

journal e; yeaaa itss good!

dandoon; sorry;P

amu; eheh itha ako in the fridge;$ its all urs;P


Nawary; I should start overdosing bs a5af madre too much is really unhealthy;P

squirrleya; yea! U do that

Bebe;* =0

Flana; aaw.. A happy heart too!

Hq; u should!!=0

Cartman; yeaaa!;P


Feminist™ said...

God I'm drooling over fudge brownie


eshda3wa said...

wala if it was me 7adi id eat em all brooo7eee!!

Anonymous said...

loooooool @ eshda3wa! :)

Feminist™ said...

Lol i totally agree ;p

Anonymous said...

y6age Baskin Robins ..?

i wana try it some day!

ya7ebech 7ag el 5arabee6 :P