Friday, June 27, 2008

Noonie and Bebe's day out.

Place: Avenues.

Why: Dinner and a Movie.

Written By: Bebe.

Noonie and I bala3nah eb Nino, which was very crowded btw but got a seat 3ala 6ol anyways:p.

Any who, lema we finished their was about an hour left till the movie started fah we were kind of window shopping.

Friday bilayl, akeed haylag 9a7? We were basically ignoring our surroundings oo enjoying our time UNTIL someone touched my hair! They actually physically grabbed it! 8ilat adab darajah ola 9ara7a! Well, i wasn't going to fight the guy even though i was mad enough too, so kamalt mishayt wana ga3a at7al6am 3nd noonie..

Lema 9ar 11pm, We were waiting in line to order some popcorn and whatever another group of "haylag" dashaw eb a5laaa8 umnah mn waranah, no seriously.. the guy was whispering in noonies ear? Ba'3ayt a9ikaa kaf bil jan6a, wallal3a'6eem.
Nas mo mitrabya.
All i have to say is.. Ignorance is bliss.

Finally, Dashaayna el movie oo I'm happy to say we both loved it. :D
The Sequel is in my opinion better then the Original
We both adivise you to see it, Hehe.

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Ruby Woo said...

I saw the da3aya.. It looks better than the first one. The first one sucked BIG time!
Why didn't u fight back? Ambay lo ana minich azifaa walla I swear tara those kind of people are chickens. Snap back at them and they'll shiver in fear!

Anonymous said...

the last time a guy touched me, i punched his nose and made it bleed...

im glad you enjoyed the movie though :)

Um Mit3ib said...

kick him where it hurts most:p

Anonymous said...

Wai3 lw ana menich chan kamashtah! ;@@@

Anonymous said...

Walla al 3atheem ya Bebe... 9ar fini nafs il shay ams. is this a new 7araka? I went to Marina (BAD IDEA) to buy my little brother a t-shirt, and this guy pulled my hair! MIN SIJHOM? I turned around, but there were too many people, I couldn't tell who it was. I swear I would have bitch slapped that guy..

Anonymous said...

I saw the movie and I loved it too .. and regarding el shabab bel ma 3endehum she'3el '3er atheyat 5alg allah .. law 6agetah bel jooty mo bel jan6a wayed a7san :)

Kay Di said...

ooooh... so you are two persons!!

Anonymous said...

I will definetly have to watch this movie...I was the first oneto post about it but didnt get time to watch it till nw!

A Journal Entry said...

as for touching ur hair:
lo ana minich chan zafaitah zaf!
hal ashkal ta7greenhum laman egi6oon 7achy bs laman etimadoon oo they start to touch any part of u la u must not let it e3addy..

as for the waiting in line incident:
one trick i use? pick up the phone and dial 107 mathalan oo say: alo? "flan" (a guy's name) wainik??

this always makes them scared and walk away as fast as a bullit! ;P

Noufa said...

That's why I don't go out on weekends..ela if i had my mom with me :D

Bebe & Noonie said...

ruby woo; eee wayid a7la, ehehe.
True, bes I didn't want to make a scene:(.

dandooon; Kaaaak, zaine etsaween walla. :p

um mit3ib; ahahahaa, Chan zaine. :p

harlow; I couldn't:/

Likeairillrise; Umbay!
Mu bes 3ayyyyyb!:@

cat; LOL, ee walla 9aja!:p

kay di; no really? 8-) :p

..:amu:..; watch it!:p Bes bel cenima mu bel baiit ;)

a journal entry; Umbay, walla good idea, i'll keep it in mind;) Eheheh.

noufa; hal ayam even when you're with your mama they don't care:/
still no e7teram.


MishMisha said...

oh my god! wayid ma5theen ra7t.hom el shabab! la ana chan zifaita zaf! sh.hal ma95ara?!

Anonymous said...

joural entry LOOOOL I always do that la o agoola law enta rayaal en6er! a3eesh el door o mako a7ad 3al 5a6!! 7alatta eygooli ok ban6er!

chan kataitay el pepsi 3la wayha! jeleel 7aya!

aham shay enna u enjoyed the movie :)

PaLoMiNo said...

touched ur hair? ok sj enha qelat adaab o ma yst7y tabeeen il sj? mashalla sh3rich eyshwig :) me 2 etha marytay jedmee a7es i would wana touch it hehehe mashalaa:)
hehehehe umbeeh mwqef eyth7ik ;p

il 7abeeb shwga sh3rich o bel bara''aa jasaa.. mo raad 3ala a7aad!!! LOOOOL
laah jad waq7aa hahahaha
well was he cute? ;p

Bebe & Noonie said...

Am not supposed to answer ur comments really bs barid 3ala polo
Noooo he was not cuteee...waaiiiii33
I repeat waaaai3!! He was mn inoo3 ily yay mn baithm mashi wela in wanait m3afin!! :(( w his teeth wai3

Feminist™ said...

way 3ala hal helag :S
mlw3een chabdna !
wallah gemt akrah el6al3a eb sebat'hum madri ya3ni wain nhej b3eed 3anhum :S

i second um mit3ib ;p

ldiaries said...

they are such creatures,, and yeah ive seen the movie its good :D

Bebe & Noonie said...

mishmisha; adre:S

soul; looool, thx hun.

polomino; thxxx i guess?:p
Is he cute? EN3AL.

ldiaries; ehhehe, yea it is;)


Coconut said...

eff i hate those guys! mara wa7ed actually grabbed my hand, mu 9a7een walah.
i luved the movie to0o! amoot 3ala Edward norton :P

PaLoMiNo said...

hehehehehe umbeeeh g6eee3a ;p maaalaat 3ala wayhaa ;p

iffffffff we need more cute guys! ;p

but cute guys mashalla nazil 3alyhom il thegil ;p

wel moshika if a cute guy sawa chethee 6aa7 min 3yna ;p

it's complicated ;p

Anonymous said...

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh !! i Swear i hate ppl like this

Chan 9aketeeeeeeh KAF!!!!!