Saturday, May 31, 2008

What do you think?

Tafkeer liq8 maynfihim walla... can someone plz get me to understand?
Lets say... were open minded Egolon 3anah Bit*** and if were narrow minded? ham may3jbhum, Haw? w ba3dain ya3ne? No seriously.. I try to be open minded but still have my limits you know? Bes il mishkila ma3ndihum chithie its either this or that.
My friends tell me, don't care what people think or say about you entay 3arfah nefsich. Which is true ana 3arfah nefsyy bes is that enough, in the long road?
El sim3ah belq8 is everything and we all know that. So, shlon mayhmni 7achii il nass, witha 9adigaw 3abalhum 9ijj? witha,witha,witha..... ?
I know my thoughts are random, Bes ba'3ayt a3rf what you all think of this? (",) Should i care what people think about me? ;/
- Bebe♥

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G said...

First Hello,

In my point of view I dont care what people say. 3indy what they say doesn't change the facts, like my dad he cares. On the other hand I dont because if I care about what they say I wouldn't reached to what I am now. Everyone wants the others to be the same as them, thats why our society is going backwards. A nice example bel 3eed ana ma albees the dishdasha with the qitra and all my family try to teas me but they get pissed of when I smile and say, "Mo 3ajebkoom regaw raskoom eb agrab 6oofa." So, I should say dont care because kalam el nas ma ye`7ale9 lazeem yedawroon 3aib eb kil wa7ed.

Slai7e6 said...

if u believe that u're doing the right thing and not upsetting ur parents/family then screw ppl !
er'9aa2 ilnas '3aya la todrak

SKITTLES said...

this is gonna sound so stupid, bs you should care oo eb nfs el wgt u shouldn't.
y3ni 9a7, u can be open minded oo have limits, coz with religion u cant be absolutely open minded.

you should care abt what ppl say bcoz in kuwait, word travels fast even if its pure rumors. and ppl are stupid enough to believe whatever is said.
however, you shouldn't care what ppl say bcoz there wont be a time when ppl will stay quiet and not care. ppl will always talk. so if i'm gonna care what he said or what she said then i might as well not do anything in my life at all.

does that even make sense? i dont know, just trying to be realistic shway :-o

HQ said...

so true
but from what ive learned you shouldnt care what people say about you.. if youre doing the right thing then why should they talk in the first place? am i right?
its different if you did do something wrong and people talk cause there is something to talk about, but if you didnt do anything and they talk then ihma nas fa'6yeen and have nothing better to do in life.
i choose to ignore everything that is said about me cause i know whos the one thats talking and i know that its not true.
am i right?

Bebe & Noonie said...

g; so truee!

slai7e6; hehe exactly.. thxx for that

skittles; yea it does make sense, exaclty my thoughts =)

hq; you are.

l* said...

in my opinion,, if you care what people think of you you will never live your life,, however its a different story here in kuwait,, you need to tryyyyy and care what people think coz in kuwait everything is about reputation,, which has its good and bad sides

Rawr said...

5ayro al 2omore awsa6oha =)

Dont care too much, but care enough, 3arfa?
Y3ni ma zal hatha mojtama3na, aham shay you know what your doing is right.

Bebe & Noonie said...
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Bebe & Noonie said...

l*; 9a7 ilsaniich

rawr; enshallah =)

Anonymous said...

9ara7atan.. ana ashof ena you be who u are latzeedon wala etnag9oon o bes ;P

Shokran .. 3afwaan :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there
I think that people's opinions are kinda important. We live in a community where there are limits (and thats an advantage.) However, even though the society choses the limits, its up to us to make sure that these limits are within the freedom rights of the individual. For example; society tells us to not go over the 'edge' when having fun (kha9atan ina i7na dasheen 3l el9eef wohooo) but that doesnt mean you can't have fun, you get what im saying..
No one has the right to tell you not to do something, unless it has some connection to that someone (and if you think about it, all actions are connected somehow)

Eulalia said...

im confused abt this too! everything is taboo here and people ma yihimhom itha il 7achee 9ij wila la2 ohma yaboon 7achee oo bs! ana il 9ara7a ta3abt nafsiyan oo i just dnt care anymore anymore!

Bebe & Noonie said...


wer3yy; Ehehehe short.simple.true;)

jesterat314; yeaa i think i very much agree

Eulalia; "you should care oo eb nfs el wgt u shouldn't. " Skittles.

PaLoMiNo said...

sweety malich sh'3el min ele ygolon lich layhmich kalaam il naas! ma3a e7tramee to kil il araa'aa.. :) y3ni mahmaa kaan u r still in Kuwait..! o 7ata etha kan ako fe'aah mena open minded lay ab3ad il 7doood, telgynhom bynhom o byn ba3th-hom, bel nehaya we r mojtama3 9'3eer o mojtma3 met7afth, ya7kma il 3adaat wel taqleed.. ;r bacher laah enkh6btay enshala ahlaa bysloon 3anaach, sheno metwqa ysm3oon?? wala khoosh ebnya she did that o she did that.. bas 3adi she's open minded tara?! 7ada NOOOOOOO, bysm3oon kalaam maysiir abaaad.. o bas :) deeray baalich mama..

Anonymous said...

I say be yourself... but with limits

Amethyst said...

You shouldn't care. Etha ta7achaw, w ba3dain? Sheno be9eer ya3ni?

Amethyst said...

You shouldn't care. Etha ta7achaw, w ba3dain? Sheno be9eer ya3ni?

Bebe & Noonie said...

pocketfullofsunshine; wut if myself has no limits?;p jk eh lazmm people draw their own lines.

Amethyst; if only i didn't care wut people think of me {i'm a people pleaser;/ something i have to work on.}