Friday, December 4, 2009

Is Always Harder The Second Time Around

Powder (1995)
Powder is the story of an albino teenager (Sean Patrick Flanery) with strange powers of telekinesis, empathy, and the ability to channel and absorb raw energy. As Powder says, "I'm not like other people." That's putting it lightly.
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I loved the movie! Sean Patrick did an exqusite job ! A+ please read the review (link) It was a great review, it says everything i wanted to say =)

Mercy (Tv Series)

This is a new Tv Show im into=) Its about nurses in the ER and thier drama =) You might wanna check it out if you like Greys Anatomy, Private Practice, and Hawthorne=)


4 Scribbles:

brown-suger said...

wow.. wait i remember that movie.. :P wow that's an oldie 9ij!!

Standy said...

hmm, Mercy loooks interesting.. i think i will check it out!

Even Sweeter said...

I am soo goint to watch it looks 7elo!

Charmbracelet said...

brown; yeaa! oldies but goodies

Standy; yea u should =)

even;yeaa! 7ada 7lww