Friday, November 20, 2009

I Want Your Leather Studded Kiss In The Sand

An update on music since i had nothing better to post !=)

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga

Give It Up To Me - Shakira Ft. Lil Wayne & Timbaland

Kris Allen- Live Like We're Dying

Down To Earth- Justin Bieber


5 Scribbles:

PaLoMiNo said...

7adiiii en6arbt hehehehe

thankss ;P

3edich mbaraak :*

AK-47 said...

Enjoy ;)

Darliam said...

I saw it in my english class last year and took a test on it !!!!

thakarteeeeeny eb wayd ashyaaaa2!! good memories

the same day we watched it a guy asked me to prom
LOL i t was hilarious my friends and I kept laughing in front of him all day
(NO, i didn't go out with him.)

any ways, thanks

Charmbracelet said...

polo; lol =P
ayamich s3eeda =***
(i knoww, i shouldve answered ur comments mn gabl)

ak-47; mu ra'6i yfta7 3ndii =( thanks anyway..what is it ? =p

Darliam; yes i good movie indeed!
LOL..mskeen !=( laish u turned him down =( !


AKuwaitiAttitude said...

I'm loving every bit of your blog! Keep it uppp! I'm so following you ;p