Thursday, September 3, 2009

There's No Life After You

Hey ! this post is for Skitts ! =*

i got nothin..

My new a&f shirt just turned pink after bieng white! i specifically put it on the side so i put it in the washing machine myself but the maid decided she would wash it !=O huuf =p oh well i shouldve told her=\

The only thing atabi3 this month is 'om il banat' w 'bo8tada'..yarabi madre laish ma7b tamtheelna ! =( i think im used to watching english movies and shows and i always fe wayd actors bardeen w ma e3arfoon emathloon.. w mathalan wa7da tawha ga3da mn ilnoom 7a6a make up ! really ?? mta 9arat hathi ?

Im getting really paranoid with thsi swine flu 'ekafeena ilshar'..gmt a5af


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A said...

I only watch Um el Banat too, I don't like other shows. & don't be too scared about swine flu, I know a few people who got it and they're fine now. Allah y3afii el jmee3.

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

3abdelna9er darweesh is funny this yr for a laugh ;p jad mo their usual malaqa...

mo ga3da atabii3 shay KKEEELLLLLLESHH

SKITTLES said...

ya bakhtii anaa etha post bs 7giii! how sexy is thaaat?! ;D

hmm ana atabi3 om elbanat and elhadama. elhadama is getting boring though.
and yeessss! shhaltmtheeel elee ylawi3 elchabd! honestly, their so bad! and of course wherever you look you find botoxed lips which dont even look like lips anymore.

plus, being addicted in english shows is definitely a reason for not indulging in Arabic ones. :-o

I still dont take it seriously. a7is it's a joke :$

Anonymous said...

I dunno what to say,some script writers just never seem to fail at wasting my time watching badly directed CRAP! Where's the filter,lighting,good editing?? Madry wala btw swine aint that bad,did a little research there's only a 4% chance of death,pretty good donchya think? :)

Charmbracelet said...

A; ameeen

Mommy and daddy; LOL ive seen him a few times =p y7lailaa

Skitts; u think swine is a joke ?=O hayyyw ! its not ! its freakky !

please take care =$ =***

Anonyy; i knoww 9aa7 !
bs still i dont wanna catch it !



Even Sweeter said...

the good thing ina A&F Opening next week ;p

3amakor is sooo funny! Wayed wayed a must watch ;p

SKITTLES said...

LOL inshallah, i'll try :$

His Sweetheart said...

I melt everytime I watch your blog pic :(

That ice cream has no longer exists :(

Um al-Banat, abee athb7 Shrifa gbl zoojha!!

Charmbracelet said...

even sweeter; huh ?? a&f is opening here ?
darweesh ista'3farallah elawi3 chbdii with his tooth i hate lookin at him =(

skittles; u better try ! =p

His sweethheart; i didnt know that was ice cream =p hehe

lool i knoww ! 3gaab chalb!


Faith said...

I like umm albanaat too it's the only show I watch to feel mad about impersonal issues these days ;D and it also is funny at times.
I freaked out like two months ago about the swine flu I had all the symptoms and I work with multinational coworkers, then it turned out to be just a normal flu. I don’t think it’s easy to get it but ya it’s kinda scary now to get a fever or something like that.

Ruby Woo said...

3indina tamtheel wayed 7ilo! Shoofay il hadama. Widich itrideen ayam awal witkhay6een wit7ibeen walad yeerankom.

om il banat qaweya, 9admat kilyom.

brown-suger said...

hey!!.. thats ok musalsalatna kilha dramaaaa :/ kila 6igni oo a6igik erfisni oo arfisik,, i didnt watchh musalsalat 5air shar not even the turkey once but the devil (6) -bint 5ali- ga9at 3lay o 5alatni a6aali3 om el banat,, and u know, its now so bad!
and of course u should take the swine flue seriously.. bs tara. bara they treat it like a normal flue.. a9lan amreeka tgool e7na mara7 nsaweha big deal cuz el flue el 3adiyaa emotoon mnhaa naas.. madry shagarait 3n el WHO ( world health organization) making it a big deal. lol im not saying it isn't but consider it a flue,, not worth the effort to get sick and heal inshalaa.. =)