Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Gone And All You're Hearing Is Your Own Damn Echo

Its my first time making this and it was successful ! i loved it ! U can find it in Sultan Center and all the directions and ingredients are in there =) hehe..i love it instant ! =)


9 Scribbles:

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Cheesy rice? Sounds yum .. ;p

A said...

I Love this song, e-e-echo ;) & it looks yummie.

SKITTLES said...

that doesn't look so yummy, but i'm gonna try it. if turned out to be so yucky you wont be so sexy anymore ;D

Charmbracelet said...

mommy-daddy; eee walla 3jeeb! =)

A; yea its a hot song =)

Skitts; haayyw! walla ra7 e3ajbiich ! 7ta law ma 3jbch im still sexy ha !


SKITTLES said...

LOL you know you're always sexyyyyy! a9lan you invented sexy! hahahaha

Standy said...

hmm, i saw this the other day and it looked wiered!! ok now isshallah amma try it =D

thankx for the recomendation!

Phlash. said...

You know what? I discovered the best tasting food doesn't really look that appetizing. I might give it a try. I mean who doesn't love cheese? It goes with anything ;D
Truly yours, x

Ahmed's 819 said...

il 9oora killlllllliiish ma etshaji3 whatsoever! but maybe it needs a better lighting? *trying to hide the fact that its the shape of the food, not the way the pic was taken* :P

Charmbracelet said...

standy; yea u shouldd! np=*

phlash; hello =) yuup true! =p

ahmed; walaa 7lww ! i mean its just rice and yes, the picture looks stupid and ay kalam bs walla its good =)