Friday, February 20, 2009

Your Promises Never Really Meant a Thing


Im so sorry people for taking so long !! i had so much to do !!=(
This is gona be random

** I saw twilight finally ! W la mu good copy ba3ad =( bs anyway, the MOVIE compared to the BOOK, sucked !=( kilish it was like BLAH 3ala goolat friends the tv show =p I didnt feel for Edward as much as i felt for him in the book ! aahhh the book was something else maan ! end of conversation. I like this picture tho !=O =P hehe

** Mseera thing is coming up! can't wait to hear all the stories ! i never got this mseera thingy! very wierd

** <<>

** I'm Loviin how Blog 9ayiir killa stories =p!

What are the 3 Nevers of your life ?


10 Scribbles:

Silhouette Crime said...

NEVER fall in love with your best friends ex/bf/fiance

NEVER kiss and tell (haha i always wanted to say that)

NEVER act/pretend like someone else to impress someone, EMBRACE INDIVIDUALITY !!

xoxo S.C

La Vie En Rose said...

- NEVER underestimate your opponent

- NEVER eat more that you could chew

- NEVER look at the glass as half empty

Stand-Alone~ said...

Never do drugs.
Never Drink
Never stab in the back

On-The-Rocks said...

im going to the chalet at this break.....

never hurt my family and friends

never sleep early

never stop being who i am

Ruby Woo said...

never say never ;)

BeBe said...

never be dishonest
never buy something on sale :P
never eat raw food :P

Even Sweeter said...

Never take my life, family and friends for granted

Never wear Flats...!!

Never stop drinking coffee

i have a lot of 'nevers'.....Bs i'll stick with 3 ;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

hmm i wrote a comment but i guess it didnt get published;/

i love the song!;)

angel face said...

hmm.. let see ;p

NEVER see a friend fallig down and not help no atter what the situation is

NEVER judge someone or a situation before knowng the full story

NEVER let someone go before telling them how you truely feel

Those nevrs are from my experiences in life .. ;p

till your next post ;*

sr-snowy said...

Yea i totally agree with you but with me it was the opposite I saw the movie first an' I soo didn't like it so I read the book an' I absolutely in love with it !!

an' lucky you we won't do anything fancy here I wish I was in kuwait ! =[

an' about the 3 nevers :

1. NEVER stop living
2. NEVER hurt my family an' friends.
3. NEVER Trust anyone 100% !