Sunday, February 1, 2009

And If Its The Last Breath I Take, Ill Leave My Kiss With You

Even Sweeter asked;

What do you love/hate most about your life?

the thing i love about my life is My Mom

On The Rocks asked;

what do you hate about your best friend?

hmmm..that shes very discrete..

Limited asked;

what was ur reason for opening a blog?

i loved reading blogs.. w glt laish i dont open one =p no specific reason =)

MHL asked;

Shfee umich ?

My mom tsalim 3alaich mafeeha il 3afyaa !=)

Atoona asked;

Have you ever been to maryland?

Nope i havent been there.. would love to though someday =)

Angel face asked;

if u had 3 wishes what would they be ? ;p

1- i wanna be a doctor

2- i wanna go to an island and take one person with me w bss! no connection to the ouside world whatsoever

3- i dont want B~ to move !=(

Aurous asked;

Are left or right handed?

Im Right handed

Ahmed asked;

What's ur favorite song? or artist? Have u ever listen to Coldplay ?

Yes i listen to coldplay..i like em !=) i have many fav. artists ! and my favorite song right now is FM static- tonight

Bebe asked;

if you can make one wish what would it be?? ( n i won't accept world peace :P )

I wanna be a doctor..i highly doubt it..thats why its a wish..

Libero Anima asked;

what would you do if some one gave you 1 million Dollars ?

Go to africa and help people and on the way back i would make stops at every country back to kuwait to do some major shopping! =)


9 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

laish ma u help the needy q8i ppl weya il $1million bedal africa?

Ruby Woo said...

I'll join you 3ala Africa!

o tara I asked you a question bas inmisa7 cuz I posted it by my phone.. so here it is:

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

On-The-Rocks said...

sometimes i hate that too in my best friend, i dont understand why sometimes he's discreet on things!!

Aurous said...

why won't you become a doctor? you seem to really want to

Fourty-Seven said...

Very nicely answered N! I like it just the right answers! Btw i find the fact that you want to go to africa and help people amazing! i would love to do that some day too inshalla this summer hatha it's nice to know other people think like that too :*
Lots a' love

Charmbracelet said...

Sugar; hmmm,,i dont mind bd i thought that africa might need more help than us kuwaitis,,il7mdlaa deeratnaa 3aysha ib 3iz =)

Ruby Woo; ohh inshalla ill answer it now =)

On-the-rocks; it pisses me off !! =(

Aurous; madree im not the hardworking type! i guess =( maybe a dentist ?=P

Fourtyy sevem; thankkkss=* xx


Stand-Alone~ said...

shoot!! i missed the question session!! oh well.. next time..

interesting answers you have there =)

Fashion Cabinet said...

gr8 answers!

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Anonymous said...

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