Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random thoughts....

Summer is officially coming to an end:/
Ramadan is in a few days, and i don't know whether that's a good thing or not...

I'm hating my hair these days, i wanna cut it but every time i mention it to someone the tell me not to, and they freak out on me! I know my hair is curly and a7la long and whatever, but i girl likes change! plus i find my curls are a7la when my hair is shorter, if i get into that ma a5ali99 so just take my word on it:p.

88 minutes came out today!
My cousin in Canada watched it 4 months ago, and tawa yanzil here, wallah fashla!:p
anywho, i'm going to it later tonight, i heard it's suppose to be really good!

I need new songs! em3algah 3ala the same songs, over and over.
so if you guys don't mind, add a song name with every comment ( your recent "habba" song,hehe!) Spaaankk youuu.

My pop belly is such a piss off! Lema i tell people i wanna loose weight they go all ballistic on me, no i don't want the attention, I'm just not comfortable with my body, is it that so hard to believe? cheese with rice!:p

Lately, I've been having the most weirdest dreams, do you guys believe dreams are suppose to mean something? like trying to send a mssg. or something? I know it sounds corny, bes madre...

o salamtkuuuuum
adios amigos;*~


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Seattle dude said...

Sounds like you got quite a few things on your to-do list

just go and do your hair! if you really think it's better when shorter then why not!

as far as songs, well its not that new, but i likes it

Music, Happiness, Love said...

hmmm u shud trim ur hair cuz it is getting kind of long, but dont cut it like very short how u had it before..
i didnt like it

and about the song listen to viva la vida by cold play and sweetest sin by jessica simposn; kinda old;p

MeeMzZ said...

looool...ma3laych min inas just loose wieght!! ramadan is coming and it's good start for loosing weight!! although i think that in ramadan i gain more weight... but i think you can loose weight... if you hate chocolates!!;p

Anonymous said...

haw shfekom kilkom setaw moderation.

ana agoolech gesay sha3rech :P i have a curly hair too .. o ewanes o ohwa egseer .. how tall is ur hair ??

song .. hmm kila 3arabi ? tabeen ? :P

randomq80ya said...

my latest haba in songs is the mama mia soundtrack its so broadway and you just wanna jump ;)

Bebe n' Noonie said...

seattle dude; haha:p! i think i will, thx;)
i'll listen asap! thx again!

hq; ecactly what i had in mind;*
alrightyy, heheh!;P

meemzz; i think in ramadan i do gain weight, i think everyone does lool... but anywho thx for the encouragement! :$

anonymous; It goes down my back:p...
o la la thank you, arabic is a no no for me!:p

random q80ya; im not a big fan of brodway but il give it a chance;)


Bebe n' Noonie said...

seattle dude; please tell me ur not serious abt the song! :p


♥P-Ella♥ said...

well i duno whats ur music type but ill give u a list now
cash machine by hard-fi.
no sleep tonight- the faders.
drama queen- lindsay lohan << u sounds girly:P
what have you done- within temptation << etha ur rocker @@

bs hatha elly eb bali now o kl a'3ani i have is weird and rock o madre etha ur into it.

well if u want short hair then do it!

keep walking fast,it will lose more weight lady;)

Hoodii said...

yaa some dreams got meanin to them but not all

Meticulous said...

my latest haba song

waleed al shami- Mu9eba

Seattle dude said...

what! :( it's fun to listen to!

Anonymous said...

vacation is over....I am so glad my siblings will go back to school no more early morning noices ;p

Bebe n' Noonie said...

p-ella; thx babe! i like all kinds of music:p

hoodii; thought so

meticulous; im not an arabic fan, bes il give it a try!

seattle dude; no, its FUNNY!:p

amu; looool,ee bes fakrrr eb nefsik!:p


Sh7afana said...

ge9eeeh.. ra7 e6ool ma 3alaich ;p

FOREVER- CHRIS BROWN! shfeeni 3alaihhhhhaaaaaa

Enchanteurs said...

latgeseeeena tet7asefain!!!!

Zabo0o6a said...

well , if i wanna do something i just do it !
don't care what others , just set my mind and do it .. mara7
t5alseen lo kel sa3a btsm3een flana o 3lana :/
And about dreamz , mine always means or indicates to something which makes me freak out sometimes ;/