Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Movie Reviews!

Again with the movies review ;) eeheh Mo5ee 7ail blank ! So I'm gna post movie reviews I've been watchin

The bank job: Hhhmm well it was boring..!!:p loool I mean just the fact ina they were english! I hate that :p sorry for bieng racist shwaya:p Madre :/

I've been watchin csi Miami !! Its really good..I love it ;)

Harold and kumar escape from guatanamo bay:It was funny a little and I dnt reallly like to watch movies feehm exaggerated wi9a5a..they do that to make it seem it was shwaya disgusting !!:p loool

Be kind rewind:Was really good!! I love jack black!! Very funny guy!!

The dark night: well I was exausted when I first went in..I loved the joker !!! 3jeeeb!! Bs thats all I kinds remember and love..coz agoom wag3ad bil movie :p it was a good movie though :p

The love guru:I love mike myers !!! W il '6a7ka malta hathe !!:p lool:p it was funny w 7baita! Bs muu two thumbs up y3ne.only one thumb up;)

Thats all folks :**


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A Journal Entry said...

i wanna see batman begins b4 i see dark night.. maybe i'll watch it this weekend..

Anonymous said...

Harold and kumar escape from guatanamo bay:

And they arrived in دوار الشيراتون
, 9a7? So etha il answer ma3rouf lesh they made a movie!

P-Ella said...

harold and kumar yabeela watching
batman naah bs lesh el kl y7eb hal movie? sheno feeh? @@

Bebe n' Noonie said...

Journal entry: mm wela mara shft batman:p or did I ?

Harlow: mm walla madre !!=|

P-ella: mm well ma an9a7 u see Harold and kumar walla =|
w abt batman..its a good movie w bs!:p bs muu mthl ma they exxagerate w the dark night walla a7san mn harold and kumar at least !!:p


Anonymous said...

I loved the movie too...

ruby said...

YAY ana mara mt7msa 3ala the dark night
I LURRVV the joker <3 <3
mara hotttttt :P

Anonymous said...

inzain il film il hendi, ya3ni yestahil a7ad ye6al3ah? tawni adri 3endohom suwalif dirty. telgain il kil damaar il thani dehin amla :p

Anonymous said...

I didn't like 'Be King Rewind'. 7sait enna killish malah da3e mn el movie!

Bebe n' Noonie said...

Amu: mm what movie? Loool ? Ktabt 3n wayid :p

ruby: eee 3jeeb 9a77:p

Harlow: looool u talkin abt Harold and kumar?? Ee waiii3
7ata the love guru fee wi9a5a :p
bs u know il wi9a5a ily mu shay ??:p loool

cece: I love jack black :p


Balqees said...

CSI MAIMI maaarrah ye7ms I LOVE IT

and the love guru

PaLoMiNo said...

embeeeh et9dgeen eny sarly sina mo shyfa movies!!! o i didnt see wela movie min ele ybtay 6arehom!
omg i have to update myself!
thanks for sharing :)

Delicately Realistic said...

EEEE thanx for reminding me....i wanted to see Be Kind Rewind, bs nisait 3ana....will add it to my list.

HQ said...

out of all i only see dark night
im gonna have to borrow be kinf rewind and love guru i wanna watch those 2!

Anonymous said...

Dark knight .. TWO THUMBS UP!!

if i have more i'll go for it :D

├J o u j a┤™ said...

a7la shi eb Love Guru is Jessica Alba ;p

P-Ella said...

ooo bs not into hero stuff @@ thnx dear bs wanted is the best :D

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Harold & Kumar... Exaggerated we9akha, i knw what U mean.. Its what they do in hollywood movies lama qa9eb they wanna make u laugh.. Immature jokes wai3 I hate over-obscenity (if thats a word) bel movies.. ya3

Bebe n' Noonie said...

balqees; ee !!;p

polo; no prob babe;p ;*

DR; yup yup no prob ;)

hq; suree babe;*

werr33y; hello ! long tiime ! lool yup its a good movie

jouja; lool the jessica lover!;p

abi-omi; ee :S its wierd !


bored said...

watch the original csi i think its better, o i just watched be kind rewind and i loved it too bs i really didnt like the love guru, a9lan makamalta

PaLoMiNo said...

7abeeeeeeeebti U r Tagged!!!!!!! ;*********

Sh7afana said...

wai3 the bank job.. sa7 kalamech.. it was such a dull movie ..