Saturday, May 31, 2008

What do you think?

Tafkeer liq8 maynfihim walla... can someone plz get me to understand?
Lets say... were open minded Egolon 3anah Bit*** and if were narrow minded? ham may3jbhum, Haw? w ba3dain ya3ne? No seriously.. I try to be open minded but still have my limits you know? Bes il mishkila ma3ndihum chithie its either this or that.
My friends tell me, don't care what people think or say about you entay 3arfah nefsich. Which is true ana 3arfah nefsyy bes is that enough, in the long road?
El sim3ah belq8 is everything and we all know that. So, shlon mayhmni 7achii il nass, witha 9adigaw 3abalhum 9ijj? witha,witha,witha..... ?
I know my thoughts are random, Bes ba'3ayt a3rf what you all think of this? (",) Should i care what people think about me? ;/
- Bebe♥