Sunday, July 18, 2010

Movie Reviews

Despicable Me - 3-D Animation. Steve Carrell is the voice of Gru (the main character). I thought the movie was great! Very fun and Steve's accent was amazing ! Lots of credit to that !
I leave you to the trailer to check out the plot !

Twilight Saga - Eclipse
Twilight Saga - Eclipse - For some reason Edward and Bella in this saga annoyed me the most out of Twilight and New Moon. The way they acted was really cold. I guess that the way he was from the start but i really realized it in this part of Twilight. Edward in the book got to me so much. But I'm not a fan of the TV Edward at all!! They loved each other and all but they didn't show it. In this movie, i looved Jacob and since Edward's acting wasn't the best i was on team Jacob ! Jacob showed how much he loved Bella and that was heartbreaking yet adorable. All i can say is that i cant wait for breaking dawn because a lot happens in that book! I hope i enjoy it as much as i enjoyed the book !

Remember Me - Starring Robert Pattinson & Emilie De Ravin. This movie had good moments and it was emotional and real. Remember Me i believe goes around advantages and family love and help. Robert Pattinson is a little different in this movie when compared to twilight. Emilie De Ravin is in the show Lost and she has an English accent. So i realized that in this movie she was trying a bit hard to talk American ! I liked the ending though, it touched me. Its a movie you should watch !

PS; I wonder why the trailers only show half =O SORRY


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His said...

I loved Despicable Me....

TaZmaNiA said...

watched Despicable Me yesterday & absolutely loved it, Twilight eclipse was ok but not what I expected it.

thanks for the review & i'll give remember me a shot :)

Anonymous said...

The trailers show half cuz u need to adjust the width after pasting there URL in the HTML tab :)

fajorie said...

I've watched remember me!
its so amazing and at the end of the movie i had to cry to be honest ;p

Lost b2amreeka. said...

omg omg NOBODY i mean.... NOBODY! Agreed with me about eclipse sucking! like all the parts i hated abt the movie u jst listed w 9ij jacob was my fav part of it.

bs lamma bil theatre watching it bil kuwait awal ma 6ila3 jacob there were girls screaming Oo blowing kisses w 5arabee6.

ba6aw chabdy! and tht probably made the movie suck a lil more for me :P I mean i don't blame them i get why they'd do tht bs wein ga3deeeeennnnnnn?

anyway. i get off topic v fast!

Despicable me!!!! i didn't get a chance to watch it at the movies 7addy mayta abi ashooofa!!!!!!!! Im waiting for a clear copy to come out so i can download it :(

Minx said...

eclipse was such a bummer ;/ but then all movies that were originally books bum you out ;/ and i really wanna watch despicable me !!!!!!

Charmbracelet said...

His ; It was great yea =)

tazmania; no problem =)

Amu; thanks ill remember that !

fajorie; yea it was sad !

Lost; yea ppl are just too obsessed with twilight they are blinded =p HEHE

yea some ppl can't just keep it to themselves! stupid

Despicable me is awesome =)

Minx; yea true ! the books are ALWAYS better ! =)