Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Aint Lust, I Know This Is Love

='( This movie is AMAZING but also DEPRESSING ! I cried so many times throughout it!
A must watch =**


8 Scribbles:

Gee said...

ee walla 3ad ana ga3da adawer movies ;\
thnx 3la el recommendation ;p

miss u btw :p

Euphoria said...


Cupid ;* said...

I have it but I'm not in the mood for a depressing movie;s bas i think i'm gna watch it nw since i have nothing to do:p

SKITTLES said...

t9adgeen i never watched it! i must!

On-The-Rocks said...

sheba3t wana ashooofa, bas i gotta say this, it is un-6abeee3ingly amazing

Bliss said...

i love this movie!
all nicholas sparks's books are so beautiful and depressing too..

Change said...

i love this movie, but you should watch it and sleep min kether ma depressing..!!

Charmbracelet said...

Gee; =** miss you too G! Np

Euphoria; =)

Cupid; yea its depreesing 3ala 7lww=p

Skittles; Yes you do ! and i love your profile picture hunn=*

On the rocks; yuup =)

Bliss; I dont think i wanna read the book =p