Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I Never Really Cared Until i Met You

Sometimes poeple live the wrong way and blame it on the way they have been raised. Using "I've been through a rough time or my parents were never there for me". Making those bad choices won't fix anything. Its true you've been through a tough time but i dont think that living life the wrong way and bieng a slut will make that any better. Make good choices and you shouldnt let that effect u in any way. All your actions do come from the way you have been raised. Goin through all that should make u stronger. I dont feel bad for any of those who use that as an excuse..or should i ?

This picture is just amazing ! Pure Bliss! i got it from deviantART by LadyFlawa
Dont you just LOVE it?

Anyone watches American idol ?? Its the first time i get so into it! Danny gokey !!<3 woho ="p


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Silhouette Crime said...

title: LOVE IT!!
body: totally get it
the picture : joy! reminded me of summer longing

Music, Happiness, Love said...

so truee
lool i was thinking of taking american idol minich today bes gilt no nvm oo i took other things;p

where were u?

angel face said...

i agree with what you said .. bas u know i met lots of people y3ny il 7mdelah yarabbeee bas they had very bad parents.. bas the'yre really amazing people.. they turned stronger

And AMBEE the pic 7adha cute ! a7es ele msawya chthy 7adha HAPPY ! i wish i could do that !!

And i watch American Idol i SO love danny !! bas i stopped watching il tv bkobra ! ;p 7aram mn awal ma i heard about his wife kesar 5a6ryyyyy w his voice 7adda 3ajeeb !!

Anonymous said...

i agree...bas tara ham sometimes il bee2a it2ather bas doing whats wrong and knowing that its wrong wont solve the problem it will make it worse oo ehya eli ibtakelha

Gray Goose. said...
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Gray Goose. said...

well the way i think about it is that its iight to feel bad for some ppl but some other ones no. i dont feel like explanen y :P and yaa im watchin American ideal and i find it hard to pick someone good cus they got some good ass singers. and the pic is cute i guess :P

~ $wagger

Diablo said...

Each persons life has a huge impact on their personality, beleifs and emotions/actions..

That said, The two paths of right and wrong wont change to matter WHAT your life style is .. Things that get in your way of leading a good life are merely obsticles that you have to overcome .. either from the enviroment your in or your life style ..