Monday, January 5, 2009

Your Everything I Need and More

Me bieng honest

1- I have a space around me, i dont usually like people very close to me. Its my space

2- Im allergic to cats..

3- i love reading, i read whenever i get a chance to, i take my book everywhere !!

4- i dont give good first impressions, im too shy to be myself

5- I liike quite, i hate ez3aaaj

6- Kil shay 3ndii 3adii..mathalan a moviee, its a miracle if i say about it 3jeeeb 3jeeb ! usualy killa i say its ok or 3adii =p

7-My hands are cold most of time

8- i loove shortbread cookies mn marks and spencer

9- Am i doing this tag the wrong number 8 honest ? madre != lol..i have a thing for feet..i get bothered when a foot is near me= =p

10- Ste3abyy a'3laab il a7yaan b6ee2 =p lama i hear a joke,, it goes in my head slowlyy and when it hits i laauugh after everybody already did

Fave song of the moment


7 Scribbles:

Anonymous said...

<3 shortbread

Think-Become said...

i have my space too,but not all the time

im not allergic to cats but i pretend to be becasue i dislike them!!

i think most of the tag was right, i mean being honest is sharing something really deep and honest.

ana ste3abi sareee3 thank god, read a lot of news and always be perceptive to stuff and you'll have a fast ste3ab :P

Aurous said...

I have #1 as well... my family makes fun of me because of it!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool number 5 is sooo u;p

Another-Penelope said...

hahahaha ba6ee2 esti3abeech same here lool :P space? not weird but why?

PearlsAndBows said...

1,3,4,5,9 and 10 kilhum i agree with 7adiiii ! :P

Gee said...

#10 looooooool
t9er feni sa3at .. men kether ma akon ba6e2a ezefoni o ma yfahmoni :p