Friday, December 26, 2008


Im gona change something with the tag ! cos five is too much !=O hehe

In the world i hate;
1. Rape
2. Racism
3. Poverty

In food i hate;
1. Badiyan (Eggplant)
2. Avocado
3. Sha7am in meat

In men i hate;
1. Hard To Trust
2. Self Centered
3. Very Complicated

In women i hate;
1. The habba 7jab !
2. Dala3 m9akhaa
3. Two Faced

I personally hate;
1. People that judge before knowing the person..
2. How most of kuwaiti guys have to look inside a lady's car when driving..they slow down w 7alat-hom 7ala..Grow the **** up maaan.. walla u guys look ridiculous ! w please.. u guys i said most cos im not lying ! fe some good guys out there bs 8leeeeel 7ail !
3.How the kuwaiti government is worrying about such little things and liq8 b3d m5taba.. w there are other things that they should be worrying about ohter than that..Biggest example right now is the 5yaam ! =O waii3..sawaw 8arar w stick to it w fikona !


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libero anima said...

In food i hate;
1. Badiyan (Eggplant) << my mouth itches when i wat it =p

2. Avocado >> i love it ! =D

3. Sha7am in meat<< i hate it too .. i like the nashef la7am =p

In women i hate;
1. The habba 7jab ! << what's the habba 7jab ?=p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

wanasa i wanna do it! ;D

Think-Become said...

i hate all the things you've mentioned, except that i like egg plant and avocado..

about guys, you're right, im sad to say that the vast majority would look inside a girl's car :S

thank god im not one of'em

Ruby Woo said...

I like your version better ;p

I used to love badiyan 4 years ago bas madri shfeeni galabt 3alaih!

The thing I hate the most are two faced b**ches!

Another-Penelope said...

hahaha I loved the title:P

ee 9a7 all the things u hate,it's what I hate too !

Anonymous said...

Yes your list make sense :D

Bs In the second point of your last list.. tara ilmishkila ena fee banat ystansoon 3ala hal siwalif.. w hatha ily ybi6 ilchabd.. fee waid mawaqif et9er i dont know how to react, if i do something the girl etqoly enta shako, malik shighil tedakhal, ohwa yt7arash feni enta malik sheghil!! fa the girls should stick a paper on their cars or hold one while walking so i can know from which type they are. and help then if they need it.

SKITTLES said...

I totally agree with the men's part!

oo el two faced hathi akraha eb kil el nas! especially when they're you relatives!

Anonymous said...

Noooooooooooooonie i miss u!!!! wainich '3a6aytay!

Charmbracelet said...

LA: avocado..really??=p hehe..
and the habba 7jab is the one ily 9a3id lain ilsima

Mhl: mn gal I tagged u??

Lool..=p jk..=* go ahead

Think-become: Eggplant is just too wierd =p I'm allergic to it =p good for u duude! I despise those men!=|

Woo; yea badiyan is just too wierd, as I said foog=p

Penelope: I guess we have alot of things in common=p

Zon: hmm..I dont exactly get what ur sayin=p
Skittles: yuup yuup!=|

Suugi: ma '36ait wala shay babe! Anna kani=p miss you too!!=*


Anonymous said...

Never mind :|
kent qa3id at7al6am eshway :)

Stand-Alone~ said...

Wallah meya 3ala meya on all what you said! especially the men and women part!

Charmbracelet said...

Zon; lemme see, ily fahamtaa ina some girls like it w u dont know if the girl wants u to look at her..well i dont thhink u should do that..cos it doesnt make you look good =| =P

Stand-alone; xD hehe yuup


Anonymous said...

Nooo.. i dont do these stuff.. im the one who helps girls when they are followed by guys.. bs there are some girls like it, fa yzfoni bil akheer why did u ruin this on us!! fa i stopped helping girls..

Charmbracelet said...

Zon; ohhhh..weee=| kafoohom hal 7meer !

Anonymous said...

nice tag :)